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Apr 6, 2013

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We Need Mental Health & Substance Abuse Programs!

http://www.oregonl ndex.ssf/2013/04/m an_found_stabbed_n ear_i-205_i.html This 24 yr old 'kid' has been in and out of incarceration (mostly in) over the past 14 years. Yes, I said 14 years - He was originally locked up in St. Mary's as a troubled child of 10 years! The majority of his problems stem from drug and alcohol abuse - He should definitely be in an in-patient drug program. But he has no income, no health insurance, no home, no hope. I am dumbfounded by the lack of proper judicial response, despite repeated contact with law enforcement, multiple arrests and convictions; he is never mandated to get into a treatment program. I don't know what has to happen in our society that would cause a judge to have Brandon placed into a rehab facility. I've known him since he was a small boy and I know his problems extend well beyond anything that could be handled by friends and family. Just putting him back on the street only puts him (and society) at risk. Now that he has been attacked, will he arm himself? When he does, will his heroin habit push him to use the weapon in a robbery? Will we stop wasting money in jails when the funds would be better spent on mental health & substance abuse?  (Apr 6, 2013 | post #1)

Portland, OR

Man found stabbed near I-205 in Southeast Portland, polic...

Indeed!  (Apr 6, 2013 | post #2)

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