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Jan 16, 2007

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Australia to scrap $6.6 Billion weapons deal

How they going get here dork swim. Maybe their navies oops we would know they were comming before they even left port. Our navy is upgrading to the ageis combat systems, is there a better system NO. And you forget imbicile autralians would fight to the death every last one of us before we let anyone take australia. Canada's trouble is they have a french mentality. Heres a clue fool, google ( french military victories ) and see what turns up, they should put canada as a close second. Mmm didnt see canada mentioned anywhere in your idiotic post either.  (Jan 4, 2008 | post #16)

Charges dropped or downgraded in Fiji PM kill plot

No evidence of ANY crime, yet someone rots in jail for two months with not a single charge layed. Stamping out corruption the bananaman reckons, he's the biggest source of it.  (Dec 29, 2007 | post #3)

If they fire me, they pay me, says Khan.

Their all running like dogs wondering just how much moti will tell.  (Dec 26, 2007 | post #5)


Restrictions for Aust Terror Supporter

He took up arms and defended the principle that females should not be allowed to learn and in some instances even talk. That tv and radio be banned. That the national sport of kiteflying be banned. That all women be banned from working in hospitals, in some instances even entering a hospital, women were forbidden to even work. That all men wear a beard or be flogged or shot. Women found outside without a male relative were flogged or shot. Women with fingernail polish had their fingers chopped off. Men who questioned why their female children couldnt go to school were hung in the streets. Men hung from stobie poles everywhere. Houses with women in them were ordered to have their windows painted or curtained at all times so as women could not be seen inside a house. Mind you they did all this while being the worlds biggest opium sellers. He believes that the september 11 attack was justified. Anyone that supports jihad is retarded, you only have to have an iq of 4 to understand, its WRONG. Whether or not he would have killed anyone on any coutries soil is anyones guess, but you cant tell me ( with a straight face ) he wouldnt have if he believes jihad, and the idiotic principles of it. He believes in jihad, reckons the sept 11 atrocity was justified, thinks all women are to be treated like sub humans, trained in terrorist camps ( which teach you train you to kill innocent people ), thinks bin laden is a nice bloke, took up arms to defend taliban principles. But wait for it he wouldnt kill anyone, what a joke, of course he would have, thats what he was trained to do you fool. Had the taliban won its battle against the countries liberating the afganis from its tormentors, he'd still be there now. But they didnt they got the flogging the cowards deserve.  (Dec 25, 2007 | post #28)

South Pacific conman heads for prison

Heh come on he's franks buddy. See we know how to deal with filth. Lets hope someone who 'looks after him' at least buys him a wig. Wait till ya see his face when he gets out. HA HA HA.  (Dec 19, 2007 | post #2)

British army recruitment in Fiji to continue

One things for sure, the brits will get a bunch of mindless moraless fodder if thats what their looking for. Is being in the army compulsory in fiji. Are army personel forced to beat their own people, and not report it. Is it army policy you aid criminals escape custody.  (Dec 19, 2007 | post #18)

Pacific: The spread of Islam in Melanesia

Makes me laugh, what with the spead in the area of chinese influence as well makes for some shaky future times and the usual coup and or violence in the streets.  (Dec 13, 2007 | post #28)

Solomons sacking ends chill

I look forward to the solomon islands rebuilding itself, now the crony and his backers have been outed. Moti will finally have to front a real courtroom. While australia may have needed a new government for whatever the reason, unfortunately we now have a spineless idiot running he show. He's aready shaking hands with the vote rigging, fugitive aiding somare.  (Dec 13, 2007 | post #2)

Voters Want Sam Iduri Leader Back In Government

Stradling that fence is essential to the solomons moving forward. While it seems stupid at times its the people of the solomons that need to determine their future. The australians are putting their balls on the line for their right to determine that future. Im sure the people know what needs to be done to move forward BUT the politicians ( loosely used word ), are the people that wont allow it and are determined to have that pedophile moti helpm them stay in power, bring on new elections. Im proud of the help and support we give the solomon islanders in their goal of a real democracy and rule of law.  (Dec 4, 2007 | post #2)

Political crisis in Solomon Islands continues

What amazes me is the fact he's still in power, i went to my witch dr here and he rekons he saw songrave die on a bonfire with the nation chanting and dancing "die ya dog".  (Dec 4, 2007 | post #4)

Fijian netballer suffers alleged rape

Your mum said your deep hatred of women is due to constantly being dressed up as barbie for her tupperware parties, she said she made a lot of cash from selling your ass after the parties to the other mums to relieve their poodles frustration, ive seen ya on youtube. Just out of curiosity did ya ever have that thing ya call an ass surgically repaired or you just tuck it in the top of your long socks ya imbicile.  (Dec 4, 2007 | post #4)

Bainimarama fires up over Fiji elections

Heh frank if you got someone reading these posts, tell them i reckon your a dog, coward thief, liar, 1 year later and STILL no corruption found. Apparently there was heaps of it, so much so the army was needed to stop it, yet still nothing, i mean apart from the usual threats and idiocy from that megalomaniac mouth of yours. And frank im hetro stop sending the nude photos ya fag.  (Dec 4, 2007 | post #8)


Howard unseated in Australian vote

You get what you vote for fool. Hence why you got bush. Dragged your country into the bowels of earth, riddled with debt, and going into further debt at approx $billion an hour, NO health system, No welfare system, shagged education system, corrupt as hell political system, record homelessness, prime morgage collapse, etc etc. What we got voting for howard is NO, thats NO debt, BILLIONS in future funds, cash galore to spend, nearly full employment, $4000 given to every woman that has a child, childcare rebates, a tax system getting lower and lower, a defence force that actually can defend australia. And a country we can truly call the greatest on earth, all with only 23 million people. Let me guess you didnt vote for bush, or just plain didnt vote. Might be a good excuse to have compulsory voting eh!! instaed of moaning every chance you get eh !!!.  (Nov 25, 2007 | post #6)


Howard unseated in Australian vote

100%correct. Hell rudd has pulled out of an election promise he made to aboriginals ONE day after he got elected, ONE day. Howard, costello took this country from being riddled with debt to prosperity. While certain uneducated people will rant oh its the resource boom that done it etc. There was NO resource boom in 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001. Australians unfortunately suffer from tall poppy syndrome BIG TIME, so even when you talk common sense to them, the tall poppy syndrome factor rules. Where did all the billions of $s that we now spend on anything we choose come from if australia was in debt $96 billion when howard took control. The so called workchoices rebellion makes me laugh, just what amendments will labor do to workchoices, hardly anything. Ratifying kyoto, hell we are on target to meet what was proposed and we didnt even sign, are china or india, they didnt sign either, NO they just got worse. Alot of people that voted dont even know what its like to live with 17% interest rates, thanks to howard and costello they wont for sometime to come, until the money runs out and were borrowing again.  (Nov 25, 2007 | post #5)


Loser Howard Blames the "Fcuking Chinese" for defeat

What a delluded idiot you are " the cronulla riots were instigated by howard", shows the level of your intelligence. " the world is now totally multi polar" tell that to the saudi arabian, iranian, syrian, lebanese, pakistani, jordanian, burmese, tibetan, afgani, etc. The chinese, russians are no better than the neocons you babble about. The sudanese DONT want the chinese there but the chinese want sudanese oil, no different from the yanks you moan about. Nor are the russians, ( chinas new ally). Republicanism, can you name ONE thats ONE republic that ISNT a waste of time and its governmental system a total mess. Do you know of countries that DONT rely on exports for income, which ones. Canada has an installed government, dont they vote over there, isnt canada a democratic society. The so called lindsay affair was a spiteful attack on the libs by a disgruntled husband of a RETIRING minister, due to someone else was getting her job if the libs got back. "China at the helm" god help us all. Howard, costello are the reason this country is in the prosperous state its in. The labor party objected to everything, that has brought us to the prosperity we now have, how does rudd manage to have billions of $ to spend and run a country with NO DEBT, sure as hell isnt due to anything labor done IS IT. Im a larrakin, but most of all, im an informed australian, NOT a dellusional conspiritualist ex-pat. Rudds been in one day and rorted the indigenous of australia. Pulling out of a promise made to them by him.  (Nov 25, 2007 | post #5)

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