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Mar 2, 2008

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The Problem With Doctors In Guyana

What is wrong with you? Are you on a mission to argue with everyone on this forum even when the AGREE with you? Your postings show not of a problem in the health sector, but a gross lack of comprehension skills and functional literacy, perhaps we should make this topic about education. I said what i said because people will wait for medical treatment, and they don't mind the wait because they are receiving treatment that they otherwise could not afford or receive elsewhere. How is that a statement to argue with? I suppose you want me to sugar coat it with some PPP sugar right? Well here goes, the GOG should be commended for raising the bar on the health care sector in this country, not only by our standards but by standards internationally. There are millions and millions of people who only wish they could receive free medical attention, which is something that people here in Guyana sometimes take for granted. (There, I succumbed to your idiocy and added a bit of sugar coating to it, happy now? )  (Jul 6, 2008 | post #12)

The Problem With Doctors In Guyana

Maybe you've forgotten that it is a citizen's inalienable right to criticize the government of the day. You preach about Guyanese having freedom of speech but yet here you are trying to silence someone. Another thing, I've been to the PHG on a few occasions, and at times it can be frustrating especially when you're in there for a minor matter, because you're there for hours. But on the other hand, I see people there along with me, and they come early, and they wait, and they wait, but they don't mind because they know that otherwise they wouldn't even be able to afford the consultancy fees for a private doctor, let alone the treatment. With free health care as well as subsidized health care, there will be a give and take situations and conditions.  (Jul 6, 2008 | post #9)

Barbadians concern that Indo Guyanese are importing racis...

Martin? what you know about Guyana boy? This is probably the first time I have ever heard the term 'Afro-Caribbean " used, or maybe you just made it up. There is no Indo-Caribbean or Afro-Caribbean, you either Caribbean or you not. And as to Guyana's problems, let us deal with it, we the blacks and the coolies and the buck ppl gon deal with out little problems. It's amazing what kind of racist pigs we have either living here in the WI or that came out of the WI, shame on you all. If it so happens that there are stupid racist Guyanese in your country, then treat them the way you see it fit, because we have no place for them here in guyana anyway, but don't try to generalize and say that all guyanese or at least all indo-guyanese are racist. There are racist people all over the world, and if you all read this post, you would see how many of them read this forum and respond to it, its a shame and disgrace that some of you talk about unity and oneness and all that stuff and on the other hand, talk nonsense about yuh red friend, or yuh coolie neighbour, or the buck man down the road. BTW Martin, elaborate a bit on this bit of nonsense you posted "Many blacks from the Caribbean have adopted a white supremacist genocidal racial extermination hatred towards East Indians because East Indians are dark people and they are peaceful, cannot defend themselves because of the studidity of the PPP and no OTHER RACE WILL HELP PROTECT THEM BECAUSE OF THEIR DARK SKIN."  (Apr 9, 2008 | post #61)

Whatever Happened?

Well, let's trade stories here Mr. No, one of my uncles was killed by one of the Mash day escapees, and the criminal himself was subsequently gunned down by the "phantom " gang. So say what you want, sometimes these guys did something that no one else wanted to, or couldn't do. I don't believe in any system where the end must justify the means if the means is immoral or illegal. Even though the phantom gang would have been serving my uncle's grieving family's sense of justice, and perhaps even mine, i don't believe that what they did was right. Criminals should be properly arrested and sent to trial. So don't go putting words in my mouth about me 'supporting' the 'phantom' squad. There are points, facts and opinions to support both of our arguments, so let's not get too much into them, the bottom line is that extra-judicial killings shouldn't be a part of our society, whether they are carried out by the police, vigilantes or paid assassins. It is the work of the police to catch the criminals, i agree with you totally on that one Mr. No, but it is a known fact that there are a lot of people that are apprehensive about coming forth with information that would either lead to an arrest or conviction of criminals. Maybe we should be examining the reasons for this apprehension, and try to address it. If so many people seem to so definitively KNOW about criminals, their whereabouts, their crimes and actions, then how on Earth (or more specifically - Guyana) no one ever comes forward with any evidence or information? We all agree there are bad elements in the society, but don't blame their actions on anyone or anything, because it doesn't matter who you blame, the deed is done, and yet the person(s) has yet to be apprehended and killed *edit* sent to trial, lol.  (Apr 9, 2008 | post #7)

Drug Issue IN Guyana

Get me straight Mr. No, it is not my intention to disagree with every negative posting on this forum. I just have a problem with people posting wrong information or facts about Guyana with a spin to suit their aims. I'll read that report, and reply on it in my honest opinion; be assured of that. But don't for one second think that I would rather side with a report done by any outsiders. It is a known fact that drug trafficking is a problem in this country, it has been admitted by every single administration to take control of this country, and it is an ongoing problem; and one that has always been tried to be combated with our limited resources. But don't claim that nothing has been done, as the old saying goes, no news is good news, so everyday that goes by that you don't hear something bad, it means that work is being done, it is unfortunately a fact that sometimes systems, policies and agencies will eventually fail at some things, and that is when it hits the news. But that doesn't mean that nothing is being done.  (Apr 5, 2008 | post #23)

Whatever Happened?

I thought it was popular consensus that the phantom group was consisted of businessmen, so tell me Mr. No-Nothing, why would they have something to do with his kidnapping? Besides, I gather you're not living here in guyana, so why even bother posting about things you have no idea about, other than the fact that you're just trying to fool people. Now i make the above statement, because i thought that the "supposed " leader of that gang and the "ministerial " contact to be out of business, so how can it be that the "phantom " gang be called in on this? Or does this mean that ya'll previous claims were wrong? One other thing i've got to add, while that same gang was claimed to be a part of extra-judicial killings, as was claimed by certain human rights organisations, ask yourself this, or even someone else, how many of those attacked by the "phantom " squad were not in fact dangerous criminals? You fools talk about human rights, and extra-judicial killings, do you know how much it hurts the families of the dead innocents when they are killed? Where are their rights? Where are these same organizations to come to their aid and claim crimes against these people? All these so called organizations have done in the past is to pass judgment, without being concerned about the outcome of anyone's efforts, including the GPF and the GDF. And since most of these same ppl are eating out of the hands of the PNC and their lies, I can't ever look at them as anything less or different than the criminals themselves. Defend a criminal and that makes you a criminal too, try that on for size, ask your conscience if you don't believe it, because if you don't, then something is terribly wrong with all of you.  (Apr 5, 2008 | post #4)

The Blog Monitoring Unit

you know guys, a difference of opinion isn't the same as a lie. Now there are times when i get completely frustrated with the things some people say about Guyana and its business, simply because they say things that are not backed up by any fact or are simply not true. Now here's the thing, it's a difficult task to go thru all their postings to try to sift thru the lies and the the areas that they are actually ignorant of. By ignorant, i mean it in the nicest possible way, which is that they may not be completely informed about a particular topic or area. I for one wouldn't want to infringe on anyone's ability to post their views, be it negative or positive, because that in itself is one of the rights that is given to every person in this country. I do have a disdain for persons posting things about guyana that portray us as a "deh bad" country, and that we're living in a "cow boy" era. It is important for every person to have their own say, but likewise, it is also important to portray the true image of what is going in guyana, even if that means that we have to back the GOG. Therefore, i see no wrong in any one person, or group of persons, be it out of their own free will or even as part of a mandate, to express their views where they support the government of the time and at the same time attempting to discredit claims by certain negative elements in the online media. So please, let them talk, it is their right to do so, but it is also my right, and anyone's right who wishes to do so, to rebuke their statements. So I say, let them talk, but it is my only hope that people can see through their constant aim and tries at fouling our country's name and reputation. We are moving forward, we are doing great things, and besides the fact that i am somewhat of a supporter of the government, i myself from hearing of claims and stories of the past, realize that I am given a better standard of living thanks to the present regime. That is something no one can take from me, or anyone that agrees with me. So let them talk, let them voice their opinions, i'll just keep posting the facts!!!!  (Apr 5, 2008 | post #12)

The Blog Monitoring Unit

Yea, I like it here in the "blog monitoring unit".Jeez, it sounds so sophisticated. We got a huge Heineken dispenser just outside the door, every now and again the prezzy does pass and tek a coffee break wid we. And no, we don't get paid with white rum, like u ain't hearin these days, we gotta support we banks stuff since all this ansa mcal stuff coming into the country, so they does arrange for us to get some nice discounts at some of de regular drinking spots. And ya'll ain't afraid of talkin bout lil killaman? he gon send he daddy pun ya'll u know. and if you think i gettin paid for this, damn straight i am, cuz aint no way i would come online and read that nonsense for free that those idiots post on propaganda press and the oasis site, including van and she/he/it stupidness; but i aint gettin money, like i said, i goin in for my beers. Dont worry guys, i like the crew over at livinguyana, i find your postings somewhat amusing, we planning on starting a cricket team, we gon get together a sunday and play some cricket in the park. Tek it light guys, let's keep the ball rolling.  (Apr 3, 2008 | post #8)

Drug trafficking, corruption fuelling criminal violence, ...

Mr No, everywhere, in any country, in any community there are people that find it difficult to afford certain things. But don't take a small percentage of people and generalize it to make statements to suggest that the whole country is affected like that. I find it demeaning to have people out of Guyana thinking of us as "deh bad" here in Guyana. We are not; and yes, there are some people that struggle, but where in the world doesn't that happen? And you're talking about Burnham days when education was free as if it isn't anymore. BTW, lehwe tek sense outta nonsense: if dem nah got none money in dem fone, and only call comin in, den who ah mek de call dem? jumbie?  (Mar 28, 2008 | post #19)

Marginalization in Guyana

I agree with emma here, I think people exaggerate greatly when they talk about racism here in guyana. People generally live well amongst each other, it's just that foolish people like to cause problems. It's a known tactic by the PNC to incite trouble by talking about discrimination and marginalisation, and then that's when things become tense. Not only that, but the older generations who fell victim to the race card being used so many times in the past tend to hold on to their racism a little bit more. It's up to this younger generation to bring this thing to an end, it's not about politics, it's a social problem, it's all over the world, not just guyana. The pnc loves to hold this country hostage whenever they feel they're not getting what they want. Instead of being in parliament debating and bringing forth their ideas and input, they're out protesting and boycotting parliament, and then when laws are passed or policies put in place, they talk about marginalisation. They don't complain when they collect theirnice MP salary at the end of the month though.  (Mar 28, 2008 | post #5)

MAKENZIE/LINDEN the new capital of guyana

even if the capital were moved, Georgetown would still be one of the most vital cities in the country simply because it sits at the mouth of the demerara river, out of the three major rivers in guyana, it is known that the demerara river is the deepest, which makes it better suited for ships. And throughout history, a city's location in respect to the waterways has been directly associated with its growth and development. It would be nice to see more major cities in the country though, even if the capital never moves from where it is.  (Mar 28, 2008 | post #3)

Drug Issue IN Guyana

But yet, none of you can say why the US State Dep't has revoked the visas of these two officials. And whatever the reasons the State Dep't has for revoking them, then let the people do their jobs and carry out their investigations, you don't see Rohee or Greene throwing a fit about it. And so far, the US has not made any statements or comments about their investigations, so don't go talking nonsense or peddling rumours or speculations. If they are indeed guilty of something, then so be it, i'm sure the GOG will do it's duty and reprimand them for their crimes. If they can't find anything, then I suppose the visas will be renewed. BTW, who are you or what makes you KNOW that the GOG doesn't want the DEA here?  (Mar 28, 2008 | post #15)

guyana EXPENSIVE houses

One thing though, i really do think people should reconsider living on the coast, it is a flood prone area, anyone who lives there knows that, yet somehow they are unwilling to accept it. Floods occur all over the world, in the wealthiest to the poorest of nations or communities. I think it was a wise thing the gov. did to try to develop all those housing schemes out of georgetown and relatively away from the coast line (there are a few exceptions to this). Helps spread the population out a bit, which in a way tends to bring about development over time in areas other than the capital.  (Mar 28, 2008 | post #6)

guyana EXPENSIVE houses

are you guys kidding? Believe it or not people there are different income classes in this country. Yes, there are people that can afford to build or buy expensive houses, like the ones not too far from the starlite drive-in, And despite popular belief, you don't have to be doing anything underhand to be successful.  (Mar 28, 2008 | post #5)