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Jun 26, 2007

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Audi A6

Audi A6 2.0L Tdi Se - Bluetooth Phone Connection

your phone is not on the list, go to this site, and click bluetooth compatibility list. http://www.audiusa .com/audi/us/en2/t ools/glossary/info tainment/Bluetooth _.html some phone work even if not on the list, when car is first turned on, search from your bluetooth, and if you find the audi signal, the password is 1234. Good Luck  (Jun 26, 2007 | post #2)

Nissan 240SX

240SX Info

Does anyone know where to get good info, such as wiring diagrams and repair manuals for the 240SX, particularly the S13 chassis?  (Jun 26, 2007 | post #1)

Audi A4

warning light

Thats you brake pad at minimum warning light, get your brakes checked.  (Jun 26, 2007 | post #15)

Audi A4

2001 A4 1.8 t

if the engine runs smoothly when started, there is not an ignition problem. Most likely your losing fuel pressure while car sits. may just need a new fuel filter (which has a built in check valve to hold fuel pressure.)  (Jun 26, 2007 | post #2)

Audi A4

EPC and ESP Problems

EPC (Electronic Power Control) is your throttle valve, and your ESP (Electronic Stability Program) would come on because anytime you lose traction your ecm cuts back power by limiting your throttle by closing your throttle valve. You need to go to a certified dealer so that they can check the wiring between your throttle valve and the ECM. A garage cant do this because they don't know what wires are power and what are signal. If all wires and signals check out, you need a new throttle valve. If the wires don't check out, they need to find out if the wires are shorted or is the ECM giving incorrect information.  (Jun 26, 2007 | post #5)

Audi A6

2000 a6 2.8

Continental contitouring Contact and Pirelli p6 tires are manufature suggested tires, also get an alignment to ensure maximum tire life. When the tires are put on, if the roaring noise is still present, there's a 90% chance the noise is coming from a wheel bearing.  (Jun 26, 2007 | post #2)

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