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Oct 22, 2007

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Hampton Roads Daily Press

Violence shuts down the post-racial debate

How am I a bigot? I could have sworn that in my post I specifically stated that it's not just African-Americans that experience this apathy. Maybe there were too many words for you to read my entire post. I apologize for writing above your reading level...forgive me.  (Jun 11, 2009 | post #143)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Violence shuts down the post-racial debate

I definitely believe in putting in the extra effort for all of my students. I try not to never give up on them, even when they've given up on themselves. I remember my first year of teaching, I had a student named Carlos (name has been changed). He was in the special ed program, and didn't think much of his abilities. Some days he worked hard, other days he didn't. I told him that he could do a great job if he put his mind to it. I told him that if he wanted to, he could end up going to college. I remember almost crying when he told me that no one had ever told him that before. It saddened me to see that he had no one at home who was encouraging him. Another student I taught had a very bad temper his first year. He didn't care about the work, lost his temper in class more than once on other students as well as the furniture. But I didn't give up on him either. Each day has to be a new day. We can't hold the students' behaviors against them. He graduated a couple of years ago with a full ride to his college. He made a full turn around. It's stories like those that give me hope. Just a little bit of effort can save some of these kids. But us teachers can't do it all. We need some support. The pointing of the fingers by Mr. Squires is ridiculous. Instead of bashing the system, why doesn't he volunteer to mentor a couple of young students? Show them that the way to a bright future is by working hard for themselves. The school often gets a bad rap for letting students slip through the cracks. Most of the teachers in the building that I work at are dedicated individuals. We mentor, we tutor, we keep on our students and communicate with each other to keep them in check. But more would get done if we had more volunteers to step in and take an interest in these children's lives. Instead of finger pointing, get involved. Call your local schools and find a way to volunteer your time. I'm not saying we will save everyone, but we can save most of them.  (Jun 9, 2009 | post #137)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Violence shuts down the post-racial debate

I love how Mr. Squires makes a point of stating how African Americans are being hit the hardest when it comes to the job market and education. Why is that? Does Mr. Squires ever stop to think that maybe it is not the system that is failing "his" people at all? Maybe it is that this demographic group is failing themselves. As an educator, I see this every day. I give each of my students the same opportunities. I teach them all the same materials, I stay after twice a week to give extra help to students. But I have some students who choose to fail. They choose not to take the education that is offered them. Instead, they would rather be on the streets, or not do anything at all. It's not only African American students that do this. The percentage of African Americans that make this choice, however, is disproportionate to my other students. Why is this? I cannot say. I have spoken to my students and many of them believe that it is more profitable to be on welfare than it is to get an education and earn a living on their own. They feel that the system shout take care of them; that the world owes them something because of the color of their skin. The world owes no one anything. CHILDREN need to be taught that they have to work for things in this world. The biggest problem facing this nation ISN'T's apathy. How do we overcome a generation of individuals who have no drive to succeed? Maybe that is the issue Mr. Squires should be addressing instead of blaming it all on the race card.  (Jun 8, 2009 | post #134)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Residents react with anger over weekend shootings in Newp...

This "No Snitching" mentality has permeated the community and caused crime rates to go up. How is the community supposed to do anything about the crime when they fear for their lives when they do step up? I'm not saying that it's right. But they do get in trouble when they try to do the right thing. Maybe the law enforcement officers need to protect the people who are coming forward better than they are right now. If we could that, maybe we could get a community that is behind us and willing to make a change in the mentality of their children. It's rampant in the community, it's rampant in the schools. When is it ever going to stop? I have to agree that the community partially brings it on themselves because they refuse to step forward, but it's our fault too because we don't do enough to protect those that do.  (May 19, 2009 | post #68)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Some people are looking to buy homes, in spite of a troub...

When I bought my house last August, after the bank appraisal, I had $12,000 in equity. I still think it was a good decision. I didn't buy a house that was beyond my means...I knew what I could afford and didn't look at houses that were beyond that price range. Buying a house is a good investment if you plan on sitting it out. I'm not planning to leave in the next 5 years, so it's a good investment for me.  (Mar 9, 2009 | post #5)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

We need tech heroes not more Guitar Heroes

They don't understand that there is a career behind every song that they hear and every movie that they see? What planet are you living on? Of course they see that there is a career there...a career that they think involves no education. They think that they can just make it big as a rapper or an actress or a singer. Have you taken a look at the music they listen to? I was in class the other day talking about poetry and music. Some of my students started talking about Soulja Boy, a popular favorite. I looked up some of his lyrics to read to discuss the poetic value of, and it was ridiculous. The song "Report Card" was especially enlightening. The problem isn't with the educational system not teaching them about technology. They all know how to use technology. They just don't care about the real world applications of such technology. My greatest qualm with this generation is that no one has taught them the value of an education. Their role models show them that there is no need for it. To quote the illustrious Soulja Boy: "I Got A 47 Up In Math, A 67 In English, A 14 In Science. Mane What The F*** Is This Throw Some D's On That B***."  (Jan 16, 2009 | post #2)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Juveniles, 14 and 16 charged with home invasion, shooting

The sad thing is that these kids could probably have been my students. *sigh* At least age-wise. The problem is with the attitude that teenagers have toward gang culture and violence. Sometimes the parents are involved...but the problem is too far gone to be able to fix with just parent involvement. I have a couple of students who have family that cares about them and checks up on them...but the students don't care. They just act up because they can. I agree that we need to have harsher punishments for these juvenile offenders. If they believe that they are just going to be tried as juveniles and then have their record erased, there's really no repercussion for them. I had this discussion in my class the other day with my students. You would be amazed at how they believe that they shouldn't be tried as adults until they turn 18. It was a great debate. I just hope something happens with these kids to make them an example for others. It probably won't happen though. Here's to wishful thinking.  (Dec 16, 2008 | post #26)

Utica, NY

What was the best ice cream you ever had?

Every time my family comes up to visit with the relatives, we have to go to B&F in Whitesboro to get ice cream. Good stuff.  (Oct 29, 2008 | post #47)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Teen arrested for convenience store robberies

Can't say that he has. He's probably one of those substitutes that let the students do whatever they want on account of how they don't have any freedoms nowadays...we're just always trying to oppress the high school student....  (Oct 29, 2008 | post #30)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Teen arrested for convenience store robberies

I am honestly not surprised. I teach high school students this age, and I wouldn't put it past a few of them to indulge in this exact type of behavior. It doesn't matter how you try to reach out to them, or show them that there is someone who cares. The only thing that many of these kids understand is violence and anger. Until we stop giving them second and third chances, I don't see a change in the behavior happening. I  (Oct 28, 2008 | post #21)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

CNU off-campus students on NN council's radar

See, that's part of the problem...this "kids will be kids" mentality. When are we going to make them take responsibility for their actions and stop letting them get away with lame excuses like "it's a college town" and "it's our senior year?" Just because it's your senior year in college doesn't mean that you have to act stupid and be a disgrace to your neighborhood.  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #12)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

To many white voters, race still matters

I don't know who I'm going to vote for at this point. I am a teacher, and have to listen to my students discuss politics with each other and myself. I tell my students the same thing I tell are entitled to your own opinion, but unless you can back it up and explain why, keep it to yourself. Most of the students I teach (9th graders) are rooting for Obama. The funny thing is, is when I ask them "why?" they can't tell me. They tell me things like "So we can finally have a black president," and "because George Bush is stupid." I don't think that the general population knows much more than my students. Do some research, learn about the candidates, and THEN make a choice. It's not about Obama being black, it's about whether or not his policies will make a positive change in Washington or not. Too many people see this as an opportunity to make history, and while I'm all for that, I don't think it's a good enough reason to vote for a particular candidate. Vote for him because of his health care policies, vote for him because he plans on lowering taxes for the middle class, vote for him because he has a great economic policy. But don't vote for him based on the color of his skin. Don't NOT vote for him based on that either. Vote for McCain because he has experience and has shown in congress what he can do, vote for McCain because he has a foreign policy that you like....but don't vote for him because he's white. Educate yourselves, people...and make your decision. But don't base it on something as arbitrary as skin color.  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #1818)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Teen dies after 100 mph chase through tunnel

You can feel sorry for his family, you can feel sorry for his friends, but that doesn't change the fact that he made a stupid decision and is now dead because of it. I know lots of nice people, and none of them would ever think of running from the cops unless they had something to hide...which they wouldn't because they are nice, good people. When are we going to stop pushing the blame off on other people. It was HIS fault that this happened, not the cops. They were doing their job, and if he had complied, he wouldn't be in this mess. I don't care about his "record" or anything else for that matter. I don't think that anyone should have to go through a loss like this. Maybe this should be a message to other people his age to not do something stupid. It's common sense. Just pull over. You will not win if you try to run away from the police. Doesn't anyone watch reruns of COPS anymore?  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #175)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

CNU off-campus students on NN council's radar

I love how the article stated that we have to realize that "this is a college town." So, basically, we're supposed to just deal with the fact that CNU students are a bunch of slobs who do nothing but party? That is the biggest bunch of bull I've heard in a long time. I went to CNU and graduated from there in 2005. I NEVER acted like that when I went there. I knew people who did, and I choose not to associate with them. It's not all CNU students. The problem is that these students no longer value the education that they're receiving but instead value the "college experience." Forget the "experience; " college is there so that you can get a degree, get a job, and become a contributing member of society. I am so glad that I didn't live on campus or in the housing surrounding. I lived at home, with my parents, and commuted every day. It taught me the value of an education and what it means to be responsible, something that these students seem to be lacking. Oh wait, that's right, they have no responsibility because most of the students nowadays are kids from NoVA whose parents pay for their college education. How can you value something that you don't have any investment in? *sigh* I'm done ranting. I just can't stand it when a group of students like this makes the rest of the college look bad.  (Oct 8, 2008 | post #6)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

'Watching other people smile takes my pain away'

What a wonderfully inspirational story. It's nice to know that there are people out there like Betsy in the world. And it's nice to see some positive news for a change.  (Sep 22, 2008 | post #1)

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