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Dec 8, 2012

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Is it racist and sexist to doubt the qualifications of Su...

Well,I would assume it is racist to criticize the person who may well be nominated for ANOTHER job for which she will be unqualified because it's more popular to call someone racist for a considered comment than it is to refute said comment. Racist is a word that no longer has any meaning to me as it has been used as a bludgeon so much and so often against those who DARE to criticize a minority, legitimately, that one expects to be called racist merely for stating the obvious. The woman told one too many lies re Benghazi to be considered for ANY public post. Using the term racist as a bludgeon instead of knowledgeable discourse has harmed no one as much as it has harmed the minorities. It requires a real loser to resort to calling people names for stating facts that stand up under scrutiny. And this Rice and her boss, Our Dear Leader do not do well in the reliability department. 4143  (Dec 8, 2012 | post #6)