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Jan 29, 2014

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Integrating mobility in doing business

The evolving mobile technology is providing a very good opportunity for consumers to engage and interact with brands. At least 56% of all adults in the US own smart phones and another 34% own a tablet computer. The National Restaurant Association in its 2020 industry report noted that the same way technology is playing a trans-formative role in society, restaurant owners and operators can learn about the best way to leverage technology improving the food service sector. However, while restaurant technology will in many ways remove the human element in the food service industry, it is still important to have a personal touch so that the quality of hospitality is not affected. Operators can use mobile technology in the following ways Online ordering Mobile payments and gifts cards Mobile enabled loyalty programs Discount and QR codes Mobile reservations Text messaging marketing Social networking Operation updates through a mobile app Developing a good mobile strategy Building a successful mobile strategy isn’t difficult especially if you focus on what matters. According to David Grooms at Cooper’s hawk Winery & Restaurants, understanding the operations of a restaurant and the ability to build a mobile ordering solution around those operational concerns are what makes a mobile ordering solution successful . Engaging customers is also a very good way of making sure your strategy works. Strong connections with customers through social media are fundamental in creating brand ambassadors. For example, Wow Bao has mobile money and mobile gift cards which allow clients log in to their website and send money to a friend’s phone number. The restaurant also makes good use of text messaging to reach its clients with relevant info. Mobile technology is also very good tool you help make operations easier and relatively efficient. Although messaging and marketing is also a very good way of using mobile tech, a lot of restaurant operators are also using these technologies to make their services easier through digitizing restaurant ordering. Tips to succeed in your mobile strategy Have a plan – planning and strategizing is fundamental in succeeding in your mobile strategy. Choose technology wisely – although there is a huge diversity of mobile restaurant technology, it is important to choose options that are of benefit to your restaurant. Be flexible and enlightened – it is also very important to be flexible and enlightened regarding emerging technologies. Sometimes you may want to keep up with everything that is changing in the mobile technology world. Always conducts Trials – before rolling out a comprehensive mobile strategy, start with small tests to see how it works and the extent it goes in making your restaurant better. That way you will know firsthand what you need and how you can get it. m/restaurant-forum / m Posted by Tap to Eat Online / Mobile ordering for restaurant owners.  (Feb 10, 2014 | post #1)

Business News

Food service technology trends restaurant operators shoul...

By 2020, a lot of changes in food service technology are expected. With increased data storage, improved and affordable computer technology as well as better transmission capabilities, the restaurant industry is now looking at the prospects of incorporating restaurant technology in the daily routine. According to Daniel Burrus the founder and chief executive of Burrus Research Associates Inc, advanced food service technology will be available for restaurant operators by 2020 and is only a question of who among the biggest chains decides to use it first. From intelligent wearable devices that manage guests to intelligent restaurant agents, these are all possibilities in food service technology in the next six years. However players in the restaurant sector have underpinned the importance of hospitality in food services. Although Tap to Eat’s technology can be used to improve hospitality, a lot of stakeholders warn that the current trend is only focusing on customer convenience and increased sales. According to Geoff Alexander the executive vice president for the Wow Bao quick-service Asian restaurant, the most important thing restaurant operators are looking out for is how to leverage on technology in improving hospitality as a whole and not just the customer experience. There are a number of trends expected in the food service sector before 2020. It is expected that guest online ordering will continue to grow and become a major concept in food service technology. Self service ordering is probably going to be done on site using a table top interface or online before arriving at the said restaurant. Industry observers have also noted that self ordering will also integrate more smart phones with a restaurant app and kiosks in the entire process. According to Phil Crawford, chief information officer for My Fit Foods Inc. in Texas, this technology will be tied to user preferences and would also combine Geo-location technology in a bid to build loyalty among customers through customized messaging. m/our-blog/  (Feb 5, 2014 | post #1)