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May 20, 2012

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Mountain Home, AR

Why has advertising in Mountain Home Gone thru the roof?

There are so many small business men in the mountain home arkansas area that are struggling to get the attention of the public. With advertising from the Baxter Bulletin ever rising, how is it possible for the small man to make it? Radio omg last time i checked for 3 months of advertising on the local hit radio station they wanted a thousand dollars for 2 to 3 days a week for 3 months,my question is this, did you get a kiss with that cause i sure did not. Then you have the yellow pages listings sure its awesome that they do it, but at 600.00 or more a year. Does anyone read the newspaper anymore? I have found that internet media is ever climbing with total audience saturation ever growing. Newspapers will soon be window cleaners and smart-phones the new medium for everything and everyone. The Web is still the best for reaching the public. So then how do you reach them? Being techno savvy is not every ones forte`. Sure there are build your own websites,pages,blo gs but do you know how to use the tools behind the scenes to accelerate the visibily of your given profession? Advertising is not easy, it requires more than just being "hard wired" you literally have to beat the streets and word of mouth is still the best. Post your ideas and help the small man become a big man!  (Jun 27, 2012 | post #1)

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Ever visited Mountain Home online and got lost ?

It amazes me how many sites are out there trying to take a piece of the pie in local advertising, yet they only encompass a few local businesses and leave everyone else to try angie's list hoping they make the right choice yet take it from me someone who knows the area you really have to know people before you go runnning amuck on the web for local news. people tend to be clicky by nature in this small oasis of a town if you are in the "in" crowd then you are more easily to maneuver this local terrain. People in this town love to gossip so if you travel there make sure you keep your life outside ..INSIDE.. or they will eat you for breakfast,now on the other hand if you are planning to open a business and need exposure then you will most likely head on over to the chamber of commerce and get to know the local business owners another meeting place is the local elks lodge yes a membership is required but most all the affluent towns folk huddle in this building. To help the small business owners of this little american town i created a url to help navigate and get to know the local mecca if you do not know or can not seem to break through to the upper crusties of the area well here it is i hope it helps. http://inmountainh good luck to you and i hope you find what your looking for.  (May 20, 2012 | post #1)

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