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Feb 5, 2013

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Russia needs to sort out the "Caucasian Issue" before Soc...

I'll say it is a great pity that for some reasons news agencies left it practically out of their reports the fact that not long time ago the International Olympic Committee has received from newly formed authorities in Georgia a number of significantly important in issue documents unveiling direct participation of their negligent predecessors in aggravation of the so called "Caucasian issue" over the upcoming Sochi Games. My name is Takushi Iokomi and me works for IOC. The received materials particularly disclose intentional activity in Tbilisi cabinets aimed at regional destabilization in Northern Caucasus and the following it negative attitude to Olympic Sochi preparations on whole. Among all other unpleasant things that came into the light, there are even some facts of IOC members' bribery been disclosed. The Committee has already initiated all the needed internal inquiries. I think faked to a large degree "Caucasus issue" is not a problem for Winter Games in 2014 any more.  (Feb 5, 2013 | post #330)