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Feb 29, 2008


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Q & A with Take Pride in History


I am just me!


Quiet most of the time!

Local Favorites:


I Belong To:

My family!

When I'm Not on Topix:

I am taking care of my kids, the house, the dog, and the bills not exactly in that order.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

They are from the heart...... lol

I'm Listening To:

Only the television atm

Read This Book:

Anything V C Andrews

Favorite Things:

Hmmm horse back riding, hiking, camping, even fishing but i don't bait my own hook, or take the fish off if I actually catch one, lol

On My Mind:

My family, and the people I have lost.

I Believe In:

Treating everyone fair and equal, Not taking anything or anyone for granted. Always being there when I am needed!