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Jan 20, 2012

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Founder of Mozy Inc. talks about cloud, new possibilities

Backup easy is a website powered by Asigra the leading company of cloud backup that have experience in tele-vaulting over 20 years. Asigra is first class and allow free licensing of software by paying what you backup only. Backup-easy offers the easy backup asigra mobile software that ensure security reliabilty and mirror customer data to two locations for more safety. http://www.backup-  (Feb 13, 2012 | post #1)

Cloud Computing

Cloud Backup vs Tape or hard disk Local Backup For SMB

Whats your opinion on that? My view: Tape & HDD Local Backup Costly to install and maintain Complicated to operate Vulnerable Not secure (rarely encrypted) Unreliable Tapes & HDD crashes ItÂ’s a gamble if you can recover Difficult to recover Maintenance Fees Involve the Human Factor Cloud Backup Easy to install, no tape hardware or media to purchase No Maintenance Fee to Pay Pay for what you need and have the experts to handle technology Intuitive, easy to operate user interface Data is always stored offsite, and mirrored between two data centers Data is highly encrypted both during transit and whilst stored Fully automated Data is instantly available Safe Backup Backup Documents, Backup Photos cheap I am using cloud backup with backup-Easy software on the cloud with really affordable prices by providing you really good service, a free first class software and you pay for the GB you backup. I have tried several cloud backup solutions over the last two years and now i use the Backup-easy that is powered by Asigra solution that is the most secure and stable cloud backup software. Asigra software is agent less and with one installation you can backup all your network PCs. The software is easy to install and recover your data when you experience a data loss. You can visit their website and you can run also their package calculator to see which package is the right one for you. Prices are affordable and they give you full support http://www.backup-  (Jan 20, 2012 | post #1)

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Pie in the sky?

Cloud computing is growing everyday and more and more SMB are moving toward that direction. You can read the article at http://backup-easy .com/article.php  (Jan 20, 2012 | post #5)