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Jun 21, 2012

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Austin, TX

Marijuana - Austin, TX

Is it good? Is it bad? That all depends on the individual. Anything and Everything can be abused or addictive. But, should the individual have the choice? Yes! Should it be regulated like (legal intoxicants)? Absolutely! Should it be Taxed? Oh Yea! Should farmer's be able to grow a low grade (THC) content crop to help preserve other natural resource's? This debate could go back and forth forever. The Chinese several thousand years ago tried Prohibition and it didn't work. The 200+ year old USA is going fix this? I don't think so. If one chooses to get high: i.e. MJ, Paint, Gasoline, Rush, Pills, Whatever and etc. They are going to do it or find a way to do it. How many CD clinics are there? The individual has to make the choice, not you, nor the Judicial System can change a persons will. Personally, I suffer from PTSD (soon to be AMA Reclassified PTSI "Injury" ) - Insomnia and isolation are my two best friends. Pills don't work when Adrenaline is secreted in such volume it overpowers almost anything. Panic Attacks, Cancer Patients, etc.etc.etc. There a big list of good and there is a big list of bad. But, It is still an adult's individual choice. I choose not to. My choice! Not yours, not .gov, not the law - MY CHOICE! Script from a movie says it all "As soon as they (pharmaceutical companies, politicians, lobbyist) see that legalization won't bring them Million's, BUT FU***** BILLIONS, prohibition will end" And, for those that say it leads to other things. Could be, I don't know the answer to that, but recent media reports "HERION is now the CHOICE of our YOUTH" I've never seen that plant grown here.  (Jun 22, 2012 | post #120)