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Dec 30, 2012

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Valdosta, GA

Wellness Center of Valdosta?

there doesn't seem to be a member Brunswick31520. I tried sending a message from my profile page and got an error message saying there was no such member...  (Feb 24, 2014 | post #146)

Valdosta, GA

Wellness Center of Valdosta?

Brunswwick 31520, how do we private message you?  (Feb 24, 2014 | post #145)

Valdosta, GA

Wellness Center of Valdosta?

Anybody know where to go in an emergency? My pain Dr split town the last time I saw him and told his staff he wouldn't be back but he didn't tell his patients a thing! He did tell his staff that he had some other dr to come in there and take his place but he didn't take ALL of the patients the other dr. left. We didn't know that , though, until a few days ago and now today, Friday, May 3 is the end of my days of medicine. I've been frantically trying to get me a dr the last several days but they have to get a referral and then they have to review your records and by then, somebody could be dead or just about it. I've had NO sleep for 3 days worrying about this...I've got 5 herniated and/or bulging discs- 4 in neck, 1 in back,4 pinched nerves, 2 of which are severely pinched bad enough to cause me to have some kind of intermittent, migraine-type headache, spurs, spondylosis, numbness, tingling-just about everything that's included in having Degenerative Disc Disease. I saw Dr. Bacon once and found him to be very thorough but I had no idea they were considered a pill mill. I had always ben treated by my family dr until he decided he didn't want to do any kind of pain doctoring any more at all. from there I had to try and find a dr I could afford since I can't get insurance yet. I was only able to get my script from Dr. Bacon filled because I had a friend in town who knew one of the pharmacists real well and I didn't go back to Dr. Bacon only because of that. It's a shame that there are some folks on here who want to lump everybody together when it comes to pain medicine but, an opiate is a MEDICINE for those who really NEED it and a DRUG for those who DON'T. Having pain oneself is usually all that's needed to change ones' perspective on it or the next best thing is seeing somebody one loves and cares about have to suffer and go through it. Trying to keep dope away from junkies also keeps medicine away from patients, these days. It's kind of like having to let some guilty go free so as not to risk sending an innocent person to jail or just making everybody guilty so as not to risk letting a guilty person go free.  (May 3, 2013 | post #104)

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