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Oct 17, 2009

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Olive-Branch, IL

please! help a family in need

wow i didnt kknow my cuz what that bad off i wish i could do somethign but as it is i am taking care of another set of cuz with kids and it takes all i have to do that.. but i do have a couple of chairs i can stop by dennises tomarrow or later and see how he is doing for my self.. i admit i dont go over there but shoot i never have gas only enough to make it to work and back.. grrr but ill try. and yes i do love dennis he is a very good carig person.. and he does need the support of his family.. and im sorry i havent been around for him.. thank you for lettting us know bout it.. i do appreciate it  (Jun 7, 2010 | post #42)

Olive-Branch, IL

why did the dinner bell close

honestly idc if the kk is even open i dont eat there.. u ask for a hamburger u r lucky to get bun with it after that i didnt go there again that was rediculas.. it depends on who the cook is..  (Jun 7, 2010 | post #11)

Olive-Branch, IL

why did the dinner bell close

oh no i loved the dinner bell they made my chicken the way i liked it the price was pretty good.. i never go to kk cuz i dont care for them much but i liked the dinner bell.. and i agree why run a business out when everyoen is looking for freaking jobs. that means pauly dont have his job any longer.. how do the ones that ran the business out feel bout making pauly loose his job thata way.. pauly loved the place as well he was always talking about it.. and he was a good worker.. i have seen him numerous occasions.;  (Jun 7, 2010 | post #9)

Tamms, IL

Hottest Female in Tamms?

thank you bev and it isnt hard to be nice to others u the ones that have to put others down are very insecure of them selves and need a lot of reassurance of there ownself.. the ones that take the higher road and bes nice are the ones with the class on here.. weatehr you be ugly or beautiful.. its all in ur attitude and love you bev hugs girlie  (Jun 7, 2010 | post #97)

Tamms, IL

A Place for Good Comments Nothing Negative

brett gordon is such a good person and so is his pretty wife i have met them both and just love them both theya re very talented as well  (Jun 7, 2010 | post #6)

Tamms, IL

Hottest Female in Tamms?

do you know what its not what is on the out sidde that makes u pretty its what is on the inside that makes you pretty.. some of these people you are talking bout i have never met but i do consider bev a very pretty person.. amber is pretty, sue ann has always been a nice to me so i do consider her very pretty. i know that im not that pretty but i dont care cuz i treat everyone with love respect and kindness. which is more important that looks anyday..  (Jun 7, 2010 | post #95)

Tamms, IL

woman got beat up in the trialer court.

honestly no matter whom you are no man should take a hand to a woman dont mattter the age and no man or woman should ever beat a child.. at all  (Jun 7, 2010 | post #9)

Tamms, IL

John Tribout

poor john sorry to hear that hugs and kisses  (Jun 7, 2010 | post #4)

Tamms, IL

butcher block and the people who work there

im sorry but i agree with citizen.. 1st umm u slept with her so what does that show bout yourself???? Oh and you screwed her.. It does take a low down snake to take it out of the bedroom.. that is nasty and dirty.. dirtier than rachel apparently.. and naturally he not gonna put his name out there. then everyone would know who screwed rachel.. and with you talking bout rachel and screwing her have you even thought of her kids you telling everyoen she is a whore that isnt fair to them.. they dont need to be being teased cuz of this crap how would u feel if it was ur kids that heard stuff bout you.. i bet you would wnat to take care of that fast.. WHY DONT U AL THINK BOUT OTHERS BEFORE YOU OPEN UR TRAPS? that is all i have to say thank you  (Jun 7, 2010 | post #9)

Tamms, IL

tamms fire deptment is lucky to have the board they have ...

sorry but alonzo isnt wolfman at all and i do know that he cant even write messages on here anymore till he gets a better java script.. and as just my oppinion stated i know him as well and i know he isnt wolf man he goes by one name and that is zo on here.. it might be best to quit guessing until you know that facts thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Jun 7, 2010 | post #49)

Madison, IL

How do you feel about blacks dating white women?

actually jane that sounds reasonable sweety and u r right i am irish and indian and aparently i have black n my blood to didnt know it till reciently. and apparently my gggma was a slave in the slave days.. but we are americans.. and as americans we should stand and one not as a divided nation that is why we are gonna fall. black and white and orientals and indians should all be together. we should also show love to our neighbor that is important. and ty for listening to me  (Jan 8, 2010 | post #96)

Madison, IL

Rape Suspect With Long Rap Sheet Arrested In Pine Lawn

sorry to say this but i dont know either parties.. if he did infact rape her then he is scum and to me no matter what her actions was before the rape doesnt give him an excuse to rape the girl. once the no word was said then that means to LEAVE HER A LONE.. he chose not to quit. that is rape.. and this is comming from a rape victim. my self.. rape is hummilating and degrading. some of ur attitudes on here are the reason why women dont report rapes.. and yeah blame the victim. that is what you do and its not right. i was a child and they blamed me. rediculas. and not right.. would YOU feel the same way if it was ur sister or daughter or even wife that was the one raped? would you be defending him? why dont you all answer that.  (Dec 31, 2009 | post #93)

Pulaski, IL

u b hatin

i am sorry but it isnt right to be with a married man unless he is married to you.. I feel that what if it was ur hubby would you feel the same way if so then you deserve it to happen to you... I would never ever be that selfish and be with a married man.. that is demeaning to you and it can hurt the other person.. how would i feel if it happned to me.. but most dont think past there nose as long as he is buying you things that is all that matters to you.. and no i am not a hater cuz i dont care but i just think it is useless to not find ur own man that you have to be with someone elses... but i am sorry it makes me absolutely and totally sick..  (Dec 26, 2009 | post #2)

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