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Mar 23, 2013

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the only genuine spellcaster i've seen

For the love of morocco, African health. I've been scammed 2.  (Apr 20, 2013 | post #484)

Peachtree City, GA

David Bebout Supplying Phony Letters of Intent

We are all here because David Bebout found a script to work on with Terry Suitt, but David is not a people person, so cannot put himself into other's shoes to realize how unbelievable he sounds to the potential sponsors. David drives real people with access to capital away from the table by making outlandish statements and dropping stupid details about Copicard. The foundation is composed of 70 wealthy famous American families, yet if it was such a secure deal, why would they not want their rich friends to sponsor a deal? David said many deals are closed each week, yet he told one potential sponsor that he has closed "at least one deal". Based on the typo-ridden contract with GF&L Holdings, with just one successful deal closing, David would be a multimillionaire. So why does he dress in JCP? I just wish I had not lost thousands of dollars to have learned the above experience. It preys upon the fact that we believe in our projects for humanity, then believe others (David) also would believe, yet he only sticks to his script, which is doomed to drive away real sponsors that demand verifiable references for due diligence. My losses are not from leased instruments, but paying Terry Suitt GF&L travel expenses and a trip to Toronto to meet the old man. His sidekick Terry Suitt is now making movies with someone called George (AskGeorge on utube). I have moved on and found a different funding source for my African health project. I had to scale it way back, from the inflated pumped up pro forma encouraged by Terry of Business Solutions to meet the foundation¬ís 12 point plan, which later became the 21 point plan, ... My current funding source is easy to look up and answers the phone. Not like CCSH in Dallas. If David were to provide documents without spelling errors on CCSH letterhead, potential sponsors could proceed with their 1 point plan: show us the money. That is how a true banker speaks. Or David, stop wasting our time; we have important work to accomplish.  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #43)

the only genuine spellcaster i've seen

Can we know anything for real, other than love of god?  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #400)

US News

The President has failed us

copied news  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #119141)

US News

The President has failed us

A Lady is smarter than he lets on. Too bad he spends too much time with colorado weed.  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #119136)