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Aug 7, 2007

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Morrow, GA

Chaos Over Registration Process

Well then maybe she shouldn't have "suddenly moved" to NC with her boyfriend. Sometimes when children are involved, moving in with someone should be put on the backburner. We are tired of parents who do not put the children first. EXCUSES! A house burning down is a valid excuse. Your daughter as well as all of the others know that every year, school is going to start. It is one of the facts that falls around the same time every year. Meaning that parents are going to have to do something for their children if they want them to go to "daycare " ahem I mean "school" everyday.  (Oct 15, 2010 | post #35)

Morrow, GA

Chaos Over Registration Process

How about this thought..... Maybe just maybe, did the parent's ever think that they MIGHT have to do something to contribute to their child's education? Did they consider that they should have registered their child for "free daycare" the first time it was offered? Shame on you. Oh but you know what? The Government has done so much for them at this point, so I guess they thought it would have been done for them. Sorry parents! Your children are not a check. The school isn't a daycare center created for your conveinience. It is for education. EDUCATION. Got it? So that means registering your child on the original date and not waiting until THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!! Ok now can go get your nails done now. And before we pull the race card...I am a woman who is African American/Hispanic. I am fed up with the parenting of others.  (Aug 7, 2007 | post #31)