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Jul 19, 2011

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US Politics

PHILLIPS: The last days of the Republican Party

SurrenderCON Trump lol!  (3 hrs ago | post #2302)

US News

SCOTUS is expected to rule on same-sex marriage Thursday.

Klantucky clerk is a Republebein  (4 hrs ago | post #169)

US News

$400 Million Dollar Lottery

Lol  (4 hrs ago | post #9)

US News

Boise Immigration Rally Draws Hundreds, Call for Rights f...

Who's God  (4 hrs ago | post #226)

US News

Trump Plan to Deport 11 Million Immigrants Sells in Iowa

Cougar Fiorina  (10 hrs ago | post #112)

US News

Fiorina: RNC loyalty pledge 'unenforceable'

SurrenderCON  (11 hrs ago | post #12)

US News

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for 'extraordinary efforts t...

Ronald McDonald the surrenderCON!  (Yesterday | post #274)

US News

Bernie Sanders does an impression of Donald Trump

Reince Preibis anti-independent surrender deal!  (Yesterday | post #7)

US News

Westboro Baptist Church Says Obama, SCOTUS Going to Hell

And the Kentucky clerk  (Yesterday | post #27)

US News

Judge jails Kentucky clerk for refusing marriage licenses

This lady is stupid, she can't bring her confederate flag or bible to work and deny bisexuals their constitutional rights  (Yesterday | post #37)

US News

Fed Chair Janet Yellen won't tell Bernie Sanders whether ...

Agreed  (Yesterday | post #6)

US News

Romney Slams Trump's 'Unfortunate' Remarks on Illegals

Reinse Preebliss signs Trump to an anti-independent platform-surrenderCON  (Yesterday | post #31)

US News

Minimum-Wage Workers Could See Big Raises in Chicago, L.A...

Minimum slave wage  (Yesterday | post #175)

US News

Newt Gingrich's first wife, Jackie, dies

Lmao!  (Yesterday | post #58)