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May 17, 2011

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Main image for Railway charity hoping for funds to get tr...

how long have they been running exactly n what makes u say this/ my friend has invested n is always kept up to date with new funding they're receiving ...from what he sais they have trains waiting to go on the tracks n haave to apply for a new fund about 4times for each new or revanished carage along with massive funding needed from the EU for trams.... i know many people who have turned their lives around by working with the organisation to balance out their own crazy lives along with giving their friends hope for an esier future in terms of work.. i know i certainly can't rely on buses around swansea anyway! i also know it's a daily struggle for the main runners putting in every nce of time energy and spare resourses into keeping things running while they wait to fill in all the legal, social n penpushers gaps to enable a clean cut business enterprise before the EU will provide a full go-ahead of funding. These things don't happen over night especialy not with new laws and paper requirments making it more n more difficult for a social volontary business to establish and provide for itself every week near enough. But the results for us all in the general community are beyond anything i personaly could imagine... i've seen the effect they have in pontardawe n ammanford so personaly am glad to see them now merge with swansea 9 lines and become self reliant. I also know they have never in my witness gone around asking for money from anyone ...they only just manage to cover the cost of running the places they open as commercial so the whole point of that is to be known of and understood in terms of the aim that they have ...they don't do it to 'make money' and if anything put all they have from their own pockets in to it. No one gets paid not even the CEO ...all of the accounts are clean as well and from what i recently heard are to be public on their website and are already available from the council. I know all this as a CCC community development officer who has witnessed the growth over the last 5years. It takes a year for each funding possibility to be made available either by the lottery fund from the EU or an other possible small-funder ie..they can range upwards from £100, one carriage costs over 5000pounds without maintinance or fuel costs, as a minimum. You do the math! I wonder what exactly is your role in the community other than slanderer, how did or have you participated in order to assume this opinion of the charity, did you fund anything of their development - or any charitable society infact for that matter...? or are you a good old plain bored un-informed bitter thorn in the bush of roses....? i look forward to your reply! P.S. if anyone does have any questions i've been given permission to reply in as much detail as i have accurate knowledge n evidance of..  (Dec 12, 2013 | post #2)

Avitavis 10mg Uk vals Samples for Feedback

1. Do you take paypal ? if yes to the above ; 2. Do you reduce the cost on larger orders? 3. PM me if the answers are both YES to the above questions as there is no way i'm paying £10/14tabs more than once... Fingers crossed! * Kind Regards, Amz  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #82)

MSJ imprint

Anyone on here selling MSJ tubs who accept payment via paypal..? Can't afford to lose cash for nout again..! get in touch with me n i'll be a regular buyer providing the price is right ;-) Amez xxx Will PM my mobile no. soon as i get a reply from whoever can do paypal... touch wood*asap please..! No time wasters either would be wickid x  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #86)


Lol i'm not sure what's on those links cuz well,i'm semi spoken for anyho lol jailbird style.. Easy! but got to admit the curiosity is killing me,lucky i'm not a cat ay! Haha speakin of i did just pose as one for my fiancee/bf/watever n facebook for fun,don't want anythin goin to waste lmfao if u got it,flaunt it..! ;-P xx nutters hehe lovez it x  (Sep 15, 2011 | post #409)


Hmm... i'm liking you busa666! ;-P sence from a proper man with a mind yippie...! p.s. i'm not sexist by the way,all my best mates are lads n i'm female but on here all the *men* seem to be more like bitchy school girls fronting shite etc..! xx peace x Ame  (Sep 15, 2011 | post #406)

Genuine MSJ 10mg diazepam £25 for 50 or £45 for 100

Check out the other thread... seems he's gone into scam mode again, be warned people! look in my past posts for the last words i posted after reading the updates on his other thread... xx peace  (Sep 15, 2011 | post #56)

genuine guy from south Wales selling msj valium/diazepam

Oh dear, looks like i wasn't just a 1 off after all ay Evo..! hahaa you fool, can't even figure out how to make money without ripping people off ie... investment in trust... screwed that right up didn't you! pffft lossser lol Anyway - xx soz to all who also got done by this thief, but you can trust me and the above posters that when we say u'd best watch your back evo! Cardiff isn't far from anywhere in the UK except N.Scotland n we all love a bit of old skool bloody celtic justice! Mwahaha! ;-P c u soon..!  (Sep 15, 2011 | post #441)

Genuine MSJ 10mg diazepam £25 for 50 or £45 for 100

Variabley trustworthy... ok, nice enough guy but not always honest n therefore i stopped ordering as soon as he tried having my £100, got it back through paypal in the end tho because he didn't respond to them so they found it in my favour n all of a sudden he's back on here.. hmm...! Am x  (Sep 4, 2011 | post #49)

genuine guy from south Wales selling msj valium/diazepam

He's done it before, is on n off so i won't order again because he can't be trusted, even if you do deliver SOMETIMES Evo.. soz, but true... :-/ did mention several times on here but nevermind..! xXx Am  (Sep 4, 2011 | post #418)

Is it true cocodamol works better then codeine?

aah roche prescribed, avn't had them for years so will be interesting but not selling cuz they're way over-priced - irrelavant i know but there we go! ;-P  (Aug 22, 2011 | post #33)

Is it true cocodamol works better then codeine?

Oh, but i was going to say the co-dydromol did help more than i expected last night after feeling yucky without the 90mgs codine, even though they where rubbish when i actually needed them for pain rather than withdrawl.. if ya get me..? xx  (Aug 22, 2011 | post #32)

Is it true cocodamol works better then codeine?

yea,i've never found any in the UK over the counter but then again i'm usually looking for stronger stuff as i've recently stopped using prescribed tramadol after being in hospital for an ulcer caused by having littraly one can of stella since i stopped using gear.. (although there's no doubt i was due something like that due to 10 previous years of way to many other recreational drugs) n somehow i seem to have gone from 50mgs tramadol to 90mg codine (mates script and an odd sunday's bottle of meth - my doctor wouldn't) mixed with some v'z and 30mgs mirtazipine and in the last week, pretty much ran out of the lot a few days ago so turned to my lil stash of co-dydromol... (left over from a bike crash with my ex. while goin to his usual biggy supplier) n now i've just got a few co-codamols,yellow msj's n 30mg mirtazipine left over........... aww, soz.. i'm waffling and i'll be back in a few hours cuz my mate just rang about some blues so going to find out what they are n if i want..! peace x Ame  (Aug 22, 2011 | post #31)

anyone had succes with davidwhy , cardiffboy or welshie ltd?

same here..! can't say i'm keen on trying out people who hide their previous posts n summin seems fishy when you notice who's where n what's said...  (Aug 22, 2011 | post #9)

genuine guy from south Wales selling msj valium/diazepam

hmmm that does kinda make sence cuz brothers n phones don't mix from all the boys i know lol yeah, i did get it back but paypal didn't say you where willing to, it just said no responce etc... N you can't say i didn't give you a fair chance to explain though did you so it was the princable more than anything but if you're back on track now n are still doin via. paypal then that's fair enough.. just majorly pissed me off at the time n didn't want anyone else to have the same problem you know.. but yeah, i guess some respect to the fact you're willing to explain now is due.... :-)  (Aug 15, 2011 | post #288)

Mirtazepam - where are you..?!

yeah i know what u mean, was n have been prescribed ssri's n prozac for years but don't take them cuz they screw me up more than anything! lol yea, i know - is just starting to get annoying everyone messaging me with bro or other male terms so thought i'd spit it out there, wasn't meant directly to you hun x I've tried loads of other sleepers but they don't seem to work, the only other type i have tried that did where some legall blue gel type thingies i got a free sample of from the website that sells them... will have to look it up again cuz from what i remember reading they're pretty good for your health if anything.. hmm.. will find again eventually n put on here anyway x Am  (Aug 9, 2011 | post #28)