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Apr 22, 2012

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Sesser, IL

Bullying at Sesser School towards your children

I agree with the the favortism and the lack of help by teachers. Especially in junior high and high school.  (Apr 25, 2012 | post #10)

Sesser, IL

who is the baddest person to every come from sesser???

I am a Sesser Valier parent whose son is bullied at the school. It seems the school just wants to treat things as isolated incidents and doesn't acknowledge that there are some mean, malicious students at that school. My son is called gay, fag, stupid, idiot, you name it. The latest incident was when a student that intentially tripped him last year on the playground and gave him a fractured ankle (School claims it was an accident, but of course no one saw it), created a game on the internet about killing my son. It was an animated game where you run him over and kill him with body parts being chopped off and blood spewing. The kicker is that another student was playing it at school in English class. When did we start paying the schools to let our kids play games at school?? How many students have to hurt themselves because schools take a blindeye to this type of behavior? The students were supposedly issued discipline, but I was not informed as to what it was. That is against the student record to disclose to me is the answer I get from the principal. My son is in a hostile environment on a daily basis, and I have had it with our school. Why should I have to take my son to another school and be inconvienced? Is anyone else experiencing this?  (Apr 25, 2012 | post #17)

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Bullying. It will never stop, unless the bully is held a...

My son has been and continues to be bullied at Sesser Valier school and outside of school. He tries to be nice and is bullied because I have taught him to not fight and avoid confrontation. Last year a fellow student tripped him on the playground and fractured his ankle. My son says it was intential, but the school claims it was an accident. Of course, no one saw it. Now, this same student has created a game about my son, called "Kill (My Son's Name)" This game was created on the internet and I found out they were playing it at school. This was an animated game that called my son a fag and said you need to kill him. It showed a man on a lawn mower running him over with body parts cut off and blood spewing. You win the game based on your time running him over, killing him and getting to the finish line. If that wasn't enough, he created a second game called "Kill (My Son's Name) II". This game included my son's mom (me) and his dad. After you kill them all, you are congratulated at the end with at least there all together now. (Lying their dead). I reported this to the police and the school. The police do not think it is that serious to do anything about, but at least they did go talk to the boy that created the game. The school has conducted an investigation because I filed a formal complaint. The response I got was they agree this was bullying and issued discipline to the students involved and the matter is resolved. They did block the site from the school's computers. I do not know what punishment was issued, and my son continues to be harrassed by these students and others regarding this situation. When did picking on other kids become acceptable behavior? I guess my son would of had to hurt himself for someone to take notice. I am contemplating moving my son to another school, Christan school, or home schooling. I just think it is wrong that I have to be inconvienced because the schools do not want to be more assertive and put a stop to the bullying. The environment toward him at school is so hostile. I will not let him be subjected to that on a daily basis. Has anyone else out there experienced similar situations with your children/grandchil dren? I just thought if I can get a number of people to go with me to the school board, maybe we could get them to do something about the bullying. It is not just boys either. Girls are being bullys as well.  (Apr 25, 2012 | post #1)