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Dec 31, 2007

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Q & A with Suzy Greenberg


Expanding exponentially...


Hartford County, CT


Drug Store...CVS

Local Favorites:

all that New England has to offer

I Belong To:

the people who sign my paychecks

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm probably working. But when I'm not working, I try to spend time outdoors, visit with my friends, and laugh as much as possible.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

you're already here

I'm Listening To:

the striking of keys

Read This Book:

I'm weighing my options.

Favorite Things:

Music, concerts, comedy, sports, cartoons, family, friends, reading, writing, learning, participating, enlightening, driving, singing, dancing.

On My Mind:

Too many things.

I Believe In:

miracles. Where you from, you sexy thing?