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Oct 15, 2007

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Cranston, RI

Bill would toughen sex offender law

Steve Brown & the ACLU are idiots! Why, because they spew rhetoric to suit their plight of protecting the criminal Sex Offenders. While it is true that "it's a common myth -- sex offenders lurk in the bushes at the playground or hang out at the schoolyard." They certainly are more likely to live next door or possibly in your own home. But for him to state 90% are family members is irresponsible. 90% plus are offenders KNOWN TO THE VICTIM. Interpretation, those that often befriend the parents and the child become KNOWN to the child. Ex: Assistant Coaches, neighbors, Best friends family member, co=workers etc. Any Law or Bill that would further create a wall for offenders to cross in "seeing" children is better. Impulse, impulsive, sick, diseased...impulse driven are Sex Offenders. A chip put into the ear lobe or wherever...we do it with some children and animals we love. I'm still for the tatoo...S.O. on their forehead between their eyes ~ difficult to hide. As far as voting...when you commit a felony you should lose your rights like millions all over the US ~ but not in Throw Back State Rhode Island. S.O.'s here in RI get rights. What about those early paroled or on probation. We probably shouldn't bother looking too closely at this stuff because you will get so torqued knowing we are the last to sign the Constitution for many reasons - LOL! To those Representatives that don't get it, who cares if S.O.'s can't go to the graduation of their child - they are NEVER rehabilitated.  (Jun 26, 2009 | post #1)

Cranston, RI

Providence nursing home employee accused of rape

Gee, I knew I was really trying hard to pretend I wasn't here in Cranston today...but Mississauga Canada - sometimes you gotta say...Wacka Wacka Woo (Napstar: Bill Harley). Really, I keep clickling these red heels and pretending to be, CA - HA HA!!!  (Jun 22, 2009 | post #3)

Cranston, RI

GPS monitoring of sex offenders debated

They can't "become" rehabilitated. This is a is impulse triggered. You need to chemically castrate them because that is where the true power is...not below the waist. See Florida's 1997 Chemical Castration Law and do some research, this could be given at they probation check in's. Frontline on PBS did show last night on criminals being release this year at a mass exeadous of 700,000 and never before so many. Of that number 1/2 are severely mentally impaired and many schizophrenia and the only way to have them be successful is to MEDICATE and provide a strong SUPPORT network. I agree with OceanMist, the GPS in this example will not work. The only benefit is to provide a find of them, when a haneous act happens and then they send the signal out. It would prove more benefical other ways. And yes, 90+% of the incidence does occur within the childs familiarity network. We need to TEACH STRANGER and INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR in the schools. OM also states that they typically offend in their own home....then when and if they get out, put them on an island where they are not exposed to anyone except themselves. It would be more cost effective to build a beautiful facility there and have security around the island via boat on a shoot to kill policy if they leave.  (Apr 29, 2009 | post #1)

Cranston, RI

Common-law wife to get Cranston widow's pension

precisely!  (Apr 7, 2009 | post #4)

Cranston, RI

Common-law wife to get Cranston widow's pension

So, the kids lived with him and his common-law-wife which he had children with and you think the "on paper" wife should get the support when he lived with his common-law-wife exclusively for 30 years??? What kind of loophole exactly needs to be closed...perhaps I am not understanding your thinking....or it was a SPELLING ERROR???  (Apr 7, 2009 | post #2)

Cranston, RI

Cranston mayor upset over police contract l

I do understand why Unions first formed and I have often thought on an administrative/sup port staff level there is a huge need. However, we have come a long way since the inception of unions. There "ARE" laws in place that respectfully govern the many advantages that were unjustly taken from those in jobs. Lately, I have listened to many union leaders arrogantly say they will not come to the table to negotiate because they have had (for example) a raise in 2 years blah blah blah. So what happens, because they don't play cards, there are jobs cut. Period. Now, at my job...many of us to small raises in order to avoid co-workers losing their jobs and ensure longevity. We are all sacrificing rather than a few sacrifical lambs. I think the unions are short sighted and have listened to many teachers, pilots and other union members who say their union dues are paid and when some I know went to seek wasn't found. On the flip side I do believe that we need police. This is such a domino effect from the top. If the politicians did a better job at carving out the laws and guidelines and enforcing corruption at the top,,,,then it would be that much easier all the way down and there would be less hands in the pot with corruption. I think Alan is on the right track. I'm not saying off with their heads to benefits...just, we all have our belts tightened, they are not immune to the cause, are they?  (Mar 30, 2009 | post #16)

US Politics

New Mexico governor abolishes capital punishment

Okay, so let's chalk the 1st one up to a "technicality " or "wrong DNA" which I find highly unlikely in today's CSI investigative abilities. Of course, this is excluding your backwards 'in the woods' communities. So, your Charles Manson and you murder a 2nd time. Guess what, you deserve lethal injection if found guilty. How many people from other countries come here and rather than do crimes in their country come here. Hey, if they get caught - they get a great room, education, 3 square meals and entertainment. Yeah...really tough. I'll keep my tax money and put it towards things that matter to me thank you. If you are a pedophile or habitual rapist...then you also need to have capital punishment. Other countries don't have the huge jails we do...WHY>> >> Can you say 'eye for eye'. I'd be interested in hearing more from those parents, relatives and friends that have had someone they know murdered, raped or beaten mercifully and then I would like to hear what exactly they think would be a 'just' sentence. Until you all have walked in those shoes, don't think you would know - put yourself in their shoes. I was told by a correctional officer that the prevalence of wrongly convicted with DNA is probably only a 1-2% chance. So, that being said, let's give you one bite and the second one your put down.  (Mar 19, 2009 | post #188)

Cranston, RI

Deal with Cranston Police in question l

Kermitgirl you also make some great points about the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. I have many friend with some children that are Autistic, PDD or other developmental issues and they don't seem to get the tools they need. However, on the flip side, children that are gifted (ex: my friend has a daughter that is just 7, same as my son...yet reads at a 5th grade level) and the teacher will not give her advanced work because she's only in 1st grade and the child acts out. Gee, wonder why! So, these bright kids are being left behind and not advancing. Arguments can be made across the board. I too liked some of what Fly-Guy said. Union's in RI are really really heavy fisted, however, in Cranston Politics...general ly speaking, it's appears to be who you know, marry, owe etc.  (Mar 19, 2009 | post #14)

Cranston, RI

Deal with Cranston Police in question l

I disagree. First, it is unfortunate that teachers and Police & Fire are not some of the highest paid jobs. However, we view sports, car racing and gambling with more money thrown at them. At least those in sports try and keep up with their physique. When you have overweights cops and emergency crews that are NOT able to perform and are given other jobs - then give them a time for recurrent testing and if they can perform throw them off and hire another eager beaver. I have learned from experience, at least in Cranston, that you can go and gather your fellow neighbors, but as in the Stop & Shop variance back door really doesn't matter. When you have union greed not wanting to negotiate because they think they deserve better. Then they ruin it for the fellowmates because eventually there are layoffs and this could have been avoided if only they took a 2% raise like some of us are understanding to take and pay higher premiums elsewhere. Kermit, I think it is shortsighted to believe that just because you are paying more ...that the quality is better and you really are leaving yourself wide open for the lazy folks who will ride that wave.  (Mar 17, 2009 | post #8)

Cranston, RI

Budget Woes May Close Budlong Pool for Summer l

"1 IDEA and for the out of city kids same rule and all names and address's should be taken for all out of town residents!!" Great idea! 101 Budgeting makes sense too. It's nice that some of you have relatives with pools - but, many folks do not. I do not take my kids to that pool as we are members at the YMCA because of afterschool care incentives. That pool is mixed with Providence and all over people and is seems to be just fine with no police details - LOL! Point above made with teenagers getting extra money or used on their resume as community service is a great tool and I totally support it. Maybe Budget 101 you could write to the Mayor.  (Mar 12, 2009 | post #9)

Cranston, RI

Budget Woes May Close Budlong Pool for Summer l

What is even more problematic is the inability to see beyond tomorrow as Kermit above eludes to, and further, above it states the cops go there during the summer. Hello, if children are not able to have an outlet...then be assured that the cops will be responding to a lot more calls because they will find something or follow someone and do worse things. So more time to oversee policing...and doesn't this equate to more of our TAX Dollars to the Officers in the long run. Fatter, unhealthier children and for those that are on City or State handouts for medical...they will see an increase in health issues. Use your imaginination....t hen factor in jumping fences, more chances for cuts etc. and the costs go up and trickle down to us. Okay - so I'm running a bit over the top you think. It starts at the top, State House. All Legislative folks should be paying for insurance like the private sector does. Your best paying companies all give these great benefits and 401K vs. Pension. The City works need to do the same. Makes me wonder if there is another lobbyist at work for the playstations trying to get pools closed and youth centers so kids can play more games inside. Oh yeah, sorry Mayor Fung is an Insurance Lobbyist not toy.  (Mar 11, 2009 | post #3)

Cranston, RI

Stephen Laffey Not Running for Governor

Don't forget he's a businessman that allowed giving a permit to Cullion Concrete Plant in a thickly settled residential neighborhood that was zoned for a nursery. Cullion bought the thing for approximately $260,000 and because of Laffey's brilliance - we the tax payers are paying the Nappy Lotto ticket to a tune of $1.9K - well, that was brilliant. Not to mention Honest Laffey told us they had been cleaning the drains - well, we never had a Vacco truck to clean them until 1 year ago and when I flooded a couple of years back he purported that the City maintains they are doing the right thing and then carte blanche the Risk Claims Committee would deny folks a hearing telling them to get an attorney - - oh yeah, he's brilliant all right. Although I gotta say.....he fits right in with the flavor of the rest of the cronies...good ole' boys.  (Mar 5, 2009 | post #2)

Cranston, RI

WPRI 12 - Eyewitness News |Board: Two men in psychiatric ...

Amen. Is murder is a constitutional is and we are taking it away from murderers whom got away with it pleading insanity. It would be to defy logic to vote any other way.  (May 30, 2008 | post #2)

Providence, RI

Plan to reduce prisoners questioned

Richard Ferruccio has it exactly right. Instead of putting all the emphasis on letting criminals out a little earlier and shaving off a few dollars, we should be hiring one or two Inspectors to go out and start cracking down and fining companies for the ILLEGALS that are here. Steve Brown of ACLU's comments were bothersome and typical of what we have come to know as the citizens action group that is supposed to come to the aid of the people. He said [addressing overcrowding] "...he worries that excluding sexual offenders from the new 'good time' policies will set a bad precedent." What the #$^% kind of nematode thinking is this? The language of this Plan is to NOT include S.O.'s in this plan with early release. Frankly, we need to Brand them with a Tatoo or S.O. on their forehead so we can spot them. And lets not house, feed and educate the ILLEGALS in our jails. Let's seize their assets and find out who employed them and fine that company for harboring/employin g the ILLEGALS. We legal residents are not only having medical benefits but now our safety benefits affected because of these parasites. Let's trim some of the fat in the General Assembly and enforce some of the laws that are already on the books rather than let criminals run amuck.  (Feb 5, 2008 | post #1)

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