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Jun 1, 2010

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A 50m to improve cancer drug access

These kind of amendments should be encouraged everywhere...thanx so much for sharing, Topix!  (Jul 27, 2010 | post #1)

Shaharukh Wishes Thackray - John Voxx

Shahrukh has always been a wonderful person and humanbeing, it reflects so nicely on his face not surprised  (Jul 27, 2010 | post #3)


Study: MTV leads in showing gay characters on TV

MTV is too bohemian..  (Jul 24, 2010 | post #4)


Kardashian Krazy: Reality TV star draws massive crowd

No wonder...she's always been a crowd puller..  (Jul 24, 2010 | post #19)


New York Sufi Music Festival

I got to know about the Fest over the TV and here's wishing them only the very best....  (Jul 23, 2010 | post #2)


New Music - Blak Sheep Entertainment - Free Album Download

Thanks for the nice sharing...  (Jul 23, 2010 | post #2)

Filipino Girls

We can never and kind-hearted women exist all over the world...its all God's individual creation...  (Jul 10, 2010 | post #146)


They are believed to make the best life partners in the world, loving caring etc...that's what i read...  (Jul 6, 2010 | post #9)


Dante's Pizza Restaurant: Homemade pies just a piece of o...

Looks yummilicious,,,,hmmm...  (Jul 3, 2010 | post #15)


Michael Jackson-George Lucas production 'Captain EO' retu...

Streaming excitement...hmmm...  (Jul 2, 2010 | post #2)


Deceptively sweet and deadly

Deceptively sweet! what an appropriate title, can't agree more...  (Jul 2, 2010 | post #28)


Father's Day reminder

Father's Day special wishes to one and all at topix!!  (Jun 19, 2010 | post #3)


Indian composer A.R. Rahman opens music school

Kudos to Rahman for starting this he was truly world class right from his first piece of music!!!wish him more laurels to come....  (Jun 16, 2010 | post #60)


Restaurant Review: Divine dishes at down-to-earth Miyuki ...

And i love this place, so much of info and learning, thanx people----nice day---susheena...  (Jun 16, 2010 | post #5)


Finally, a bun for brats that works

Could anyone tell me why round pizzas are served in square packets? sorry people just kidding to lighten the atmosphere...have a nice day....regs-susheena...  (Jun 16, 2010 | post #13)