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Sep 22, 2011

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Christiansburg, VA

AJ Cyr- did you know him?

Alvin Joseph Cyr was charged in 1998 with three counts of raping a girl in Floyd/Blacksburg/C hristiansburg area. The charges ended up being dropped. What the investigator and prosecutor didn't know was that it was not the first time he had done such a thing. And I did not know that he was accused of doing it again until long after the fact. I am trying to bring AJ to justice. If you know the girl he raped between 1994 and 1997, or if you are that girl, please contact me. There is strength in numbers. If we can come together, we can help the others. It is possible that AJ was dating her mother, as he would have had to have had access to her alone several times over several years. There have been others. AJ lives in another state now, and has continued his perverted behavior. Please message me here if you know her- or have any information regarding criminal activity of AJ Cyr.  (Oct 10, 2011 | post #1)

Scottsboro, AL

Do you know AJ Cyr? (Alvin Joseph or Joseph Alvin)

Let me tell you a little about Mr. Cyr- now as to make sure not to mistake some poor innocent AJ Cyr for the one I am talking about, let me make real clear who this fella is. The AJ I am talking about was born around 9-11-50, had reddish blond hair when he was younger, was about five six, maybe five seven, and never weighed over 160 soaking wet. He had blue/gray eyes and used to wear a chuck norris mustache. The AJ I'm talking about lived in Connecticut in the 70's and 80's. He abused his wife and children. He went to jail several times, the last for around 8 years. When he got out of prison in the late 80's, he got a girlfriend and molested her 12 year old daughter. He made her watch adult movies with him, made her touch him, and threatened that if she "jammed" him up, he would kill her mother and cut her throat. He beat his girlfriend's son. While he was dating this woman, they moved to North Carolina, where he was arrested several times for DWI, B&E, carrying concealed without a permit...among other things. She finally got rid of him in 1993. AJ moved on to Virginia, where he was charged with three counts of rape involving a girl under 15. Those charges were dropped... The courts in VA knew nothing of Mr Cyr's record in CT or NC, and his victim could not testify against him. AJ promptly found a new woman- this one with SIX daughters.. what a treasure, so he married her and they moved to Scottsboro Alabama. The youngest was only an infant at the time. AJ has been arrested for DUI twice this year in Scottsboro. Ahhh, in the good old days when AJ was drunk, he had huge vein that would bulge on his forhead when he talked about the "blacks" (he didn't use that word) he killed in prison. He loved to brag about how he would slit someones throat and make sure their body was never found. He was cocky, cold, and cruel. He has made several little girls afraid for their lives in his lifetime. If you know this man, do not allow him around your children or grandchildren. Especially since he is still drinking (2 DUI's this year alone).  (Sep 30, 2011 | post #1)

Scottsboro, AL

skyline child molster

He's not the only child molester- there's one in Scottsboro too... he's had 2 DUI's this year. Only his latest in a 40 year string of crimes.  (Sep 28, 2011 | post #3)

Scottsboro, AL

2 DUIs in Scottsboro this year- wanna know what else he's...

Check your Sentinal paper- March 23rd and September 6th editions, or thereabouts. Joseph Alvin Cyr, arrested for DUI in March and September. Until the late 80's Cyr (Alvin Joseph, Joseph Alvin, AJ, Al, Jake, Jo- whatever he might go by) lived in Connecticut. He did federal time there- has quite a record according to the Simsbury/Avon PD. (once assaulted a young man he picked up as a hitch hiker, abused his wife and children, interfered with an officer trying to help his wife and children, etc) In 1988, right after getting released from prison in Enfield, CT- he molested a 12 year old little girl, the daughter of his girlfriend. Her mother said that if AJ went to jail she would kill herself, so she recanted her story. He took her family to NC. He continued molesting her until she was 15-then he just made lewd comments and threats to her. While in NC he plead guilty to 2 separate DWIs, was charged with b&e, and a few other various crimes. In 1993 he finally left NC and went to VA, where in 1998 he was charged with raping a young teen girl in 1994 and 1997- 3 counts. The girl was too afraid to testify and the charges were dropped. He dated her mother too. He left that woman and got with a woman who had six daughters, the youngest just an infant. He moved with them to AL. She is now 16. Two of her older sisters have said that he molested them as well. He also threatened them- telling them he would slit their throats if they jammed him up again. He has done time in AL for felony arson. This lovely piece of work is living in your community, and now that he is apparently drinking again, its bad news for his wife and step daughter still living at home- if the wife is still with him. She also stayed after finding out about his perversions... don't know if she's held out through the drinking. The states do not communicate with each other regarding criminal history. We have to let the DA know his DUI history before his october court date. Anyone have any ideas?  (Sep 22, 2011 | post #1)