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Nov 4, 2013


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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Disappointed with Harley

I just wish Victory and Indian had a larger dealer network.  (Nov 4, 2013 | post #27)

San Diego, CA

What Do You Love About San Diego ??????

In TJ, in the bordellos, they're not 'hooker's, they're bar girls. And no, they're not any good, they're GREAT. When you go to Adelita's the girls stand all around the perimeter of the club. But there's a certain section that is called 'Hottie Central.' That's the section of Adelita's where the beautiful women congregate. Adeltita's is a two level building. Downstairs is where the nightclub is, upstairs is where the bedrooms are located. $50 will buy you about 30-45 minutes of sexual healing. Some people prefer the Hong Kong club. It's more hard core than Adelita's. I work at the HKC, I'm one of several assistant managers. The HKC is right around the corner from Adelita's. The shemales are located a little west of the HKC. Some of them are gorgeous. Most of them are on the street, Articulo 123. There's a club on Revolucion called 'Temptations.' You will find some high end shemales who work that club. Pepper spray is legal in Mexico, but knives aren't, so you leave the pocket knife at home. Adelita's, the HKC and where the shemales hang is an area that is called the Zona Norte. You probably won't believe this but those who know the area know that it's true: In the Zona Norte there's a bar that plays great music. Smoking weed is allowed in this bar. You can light up in front of the manager. The cops often come in, walk around the club, do nothing, and then leave. That's right, the cops allow people to smoke weed out in the open at this club. This bar has been that way FOR YEARS. It's name is Bar Zacazonapan and it's a block and half away from Adelita's and the HKC.  (Nov 4, 2013 | post #7)

San Diego, CA

What Do You Love About San Diego ??????

Notorious? Don't get wasted or sh!t faced in TJ and you'll be okay. I used to go there all the time by myself and I never had any problems. The problem is with you. I don't know if you what the word 'notorious' means, but TJ is not notorious. Pelican Bay is notorious. San Quentin is notorious, but TJ ain't. People like you buy into what the media feeds you - and while most of the people who work in the media have college degrees, most are morons when it comes to reporting factual information. In SD you'd be missing out if you didn't hit the boardwalk in PB and MB. Best time is on a Saturday or Sunday morning - or on a bike at 3 am in the morning. Riding a bike all around the boardwalk, Garnet Avenue, and Mission Blvd when the weathers warm at 3am is a great high. The boardwalk used to rock on 3-day weekends. It was little like Bourbon street in New Orleans. But that was when it was legal to drink alcohol on the beach. And then District 2 city councilman Kevin Faulconer, who will soon be mayor, banned alcohol on the beach. Now 3-day weekends on the boardwalk are boring compared to what they were before Faulconer outlawed alcohol.  (Nov 4, 2013 | post #6)