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Apr 9, 2008

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Tucson, AZ

$42 billion proposed for state transit plan

"Still, the November ballot has emerged as the preferred option among initiative supporters. Next year's ballot is out of the question, because only constitutional changes can be proposed in odd years. And 2010 figures to be a politically difficult year, especially because Napolitano may be campaigning for U.S. Senate and not eager to share the ballot with a large transportation tax proposal." Hilarious! r.e. com/search?q=cache :05sXhmue7TMJ:www. inks/524564+%2442+ billion+proposed+f or+state+transit+p lan&hl=en& ct=clnk&cd=1  (Apr 10, 2008 | post #1)

Tucson, AZ

SUNTRAN & RTA Rate increases, expansion boondoggles Q&A

I have tried to sign up as an editor here and have submitted the link without being one as well: PREVIEW Poor will pay an extra buck if they only want to pay once a day... Transit Current & Proposed Fares Fare Categories Current Fares Proposed Fares Cash $ 1.00 $ 1.25 Quarterly $ 75.00 $ 94.00 Annual $275.00 $344.00 Express Routes Cash $ 1.00 $ 2.00 Monthly $ 28.00 $ 56.00 (Aero Park Express route fares remain unchanged) Day Pass $ 2.00 $ 3.00 College UA Annual $275.00 $344.00 PCC Semester $115.00 $144.00 Van Tran Full Fare $ 2.00 $ 2.50 Extended Entry ↓ The pasted excerpts show that recent com/search?q=cache :ROHIHHDUGUgJ:www. altss/printstory/b yauthor/80874+sunt ran+site:http://ww m&hl=en&ct =clnk&cd=12 reports have been incorrect apparently misunderstanding the "two ride" rate for the daypass etc. The linking to page has had the dates from last weeks 'meetings' removed. Please help me provide the additional scrutiny deserved.  (Apr 10, 2008 | post #3)

Pima, AZ

Lawmakers shoot down toll-road measure

Yes- only mass transit users should have to pay to move. Like those on bikes go free. Keep the dealers dealing. Mainly- don't let people know what 'there' car is costing!!!! Who would buy the gizmo's if that info got out!  (Apr 9, 2008 | post #2)

Environmental Law

Public can help county avoid ozone violations

Oppose the current effort to involve the public in token fashion! Require that at the very least the 'restructuring' not be out of sync with the often quarterly cycles the system rides itself on! A fare increase in the midst of summer will only mask it's impact and raise no significant income over one properly set for fall, decided on in time to be known in that schedules publication! The current badness will not be possibly even addressed in the schedule next to be printed- and THERE IS NO WAY THE COUNCIL CAN HAVE IT'S DECISION PRINTED THEREIN! This would give us time to have a conference with meaningful presentations to the public, to government, maybe even get there tongue to admit the utter cynicism of the maneuvers so far. What happens matters. Those Jerks so far ruling should feel our Knees!  (Apr 9, 2008 | post #1)

Tucson, AZ

SUNTRAN & RTA Rate increases, expansion boondoggles Q&A

I maybe without sufficient steam to get the proper blog site going tonight despite the threat of an April Council 'vote.' But this thread maybe the best place anyway if I can just figure out how to link a story link to it. If only the facts could find some audience we might be able to get another election scheduled. It's not merely the absurd cost of using suntran instead of a minivan for a large family- that would pay in passes more then the loan payment unless there income was under $1500 a week. Yeah I got that one backwards- it would seem- but in realty you would have to earn an outrageous amount to spend that much, or get the 'fractional' increase. What bullshit! I ask the following question. What is the increase in average revenue per BOARDING! Currently it's probably unbelievably low- but as proposed it's not much higher! THE MOST EXPENSIVE WAY TO RIDE WILL CONTINUE TO BE IF YOU ARE POOR AND PAY DAILY! To ignore the fact that being denied a discounted daypass is or is not a reason to be a great part of the problem in falsely albeit founding the notion that there is any subsidy at all in our town beyond that for the poor. TO claim that the cost of the service if everyone paid three bucks a day, would exceed this burden on passengers, is more then a stretch. To claim that most of the public will pay that- it's stunning.... To still push a proposal that has the most expensive route suffer no increase in fare is as shameless as the management contract itself. The info needs to in fact be on with a forum there. The driver runsheets being there is an interesting development. THat the linking to the hearing info, and "more" link, are designed to NOT BE VIEWED IS INARGUABLE! And it's likely that despite there not tracking it this could be proved. In order to read the answers one must: Scroll down or maximise a popup window that must first be viewed, and then find the link at the very bottom that does not hint as to being what one wanted in the first place. That attendance is low is proof that as has been reported "compliance " with law is the goal, not actually heeding the spirit attempted to be coded by Congress- to actually further mass transit being able to get the support it deserves.  (Apr 9, 2008 | post #2)

Tucson, AZ

SUNTRAN & RTA Rate increases, expansion boondoggles Q&A

Hidden on the contractors website is erroneous info that might be old as well. http://www.suntran .com/fare_increase _Q&A_english.h tml Is the current direct link though for propiganda which DOES NOT PROVIDE A DATE FOR THE COUNCIL VOTE!!!But it claims it could be in less then three weeks! It also lacks any info even in the meta data about when it was written. It's a popup window on there site! Also it seems that since last week perhaps the proposal has changed for the worse. Yet no news article yet has reported this FACT. Who authored the answers? Why do our papers omit the "for example" on the question of fare increases? Why not remind the public that it might not in fact be possible to cut service below the present level given both politics and law. I'm going to go ahead and setup a blog. Check the relies to this for it's name and address etc.  (Apr 9, 2008 | post #1)