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Aug 20, 2014

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tina mcmenanin lincoln nebraska cold case cover up

lincoln LPD had the judge`s ok to arrest way way back july 25th 1996...but the DNA was limited but still DNA was taken and found to be that of the arrested.Than in the judge`s chamber after about a year the case was thrown out way way after the public outcrys.I was witness to that cover up.MOBS be MOBSters and mouths get shut forever.I know why tina mcmenanin was murdered back in lincoln nebraska in july of 1996 but that mob was way to powerful and way to deep to take down.mouths in the UNL press core still blab BS grey matter to smoke the public`s minds to forget and to cover up a hit mans tassy for thier mob/frat murder system of cornfeild mofias.The 200 plus cat killer stocking me and my wife out of town wth full lincoln LPD backup means I stay broke and off the northern plains o the mob gets me here there or anywhere right harold little bird jack?.I know whom murdered tina mcmenanin but I was shut up ran out of town again.They had the right guy right from the start and he`s still stocking the old horseshoe casino with the gang rewarded for his knife work.It`s way to dirty to clean up that system unless the space cops decide to which they won`t so i write until those cleaners mash my body in thier gang garbage truck and the cat driver covers it up like is the SO since I been running  (Aug 20, 2014 | post #1)