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Mar 24, 2011

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How to Make Shell Beads

Creating beaded necklaces is a fun pastime for both children and adults.Many jewelry makers who consider themselves hobbyists prefer to create their beads themselves. Homemade beads can consist of clay, stone, gems and shells. Instructions: 1. Purchase [b][url=http://www -Sea-Shell-Beads-3 17.html]shell beads[/url][/b] in the desired size. If you happen to live near a beach, you can simply search for them there. The shells can be of any size, but the ideal size is 1 to 2 inches. [b][url=http://www -Sea-Shell-Beads-3 17.html]shell beads[/url][/b] can be purchased from [img] 8.jpg[/img] 2. Determine the size of the hole that will go through the beads. If you will be using jewelry wire, a common diameter is 0.8 mm, so you will want to choose a drill bit that is just slightly larger. If you wish to use nylon cord, a popular choice for shell necklaces, the average diameter is 2 mm. Go with a size that works for you. 3. Set up your work location. Be sure to find a stable, flat surface to help prevent roll off if you drop a bead. Fill your bead tray with shells and put on your safety goggles. 4. Insert the proper size drill bit into the drill. Place a small piece of painters tape over the top of the shell, where you will be drilling; this helps prevent cracks. Rub your thumb across the tape to ensure that it is secured. 5. Place the [b][url=http://www -Sea-Shell-Beads-3 17.html]Shell beads[/url][/b], tape side up, on your work surface. Hold the drill steady and slowly drill a hole through the shell. Remove the tape and place your new bead in an empty slot in the bead try.  (Mar 25, 2011 | post #1)