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Oct 1, 2013

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Los Angeles, CA

Adept Moving - $59/HR 2 men crew w/truck

Last time I thought I’d never move again - so much stress and money...However, life has different plans. When I found out I’d have to move, I panicked a little bit...just a little bit. I’m a strong woman, who knows how to stand for herself. LOL). So I decided to go with a different company than last time (last time I took the cheapest offer on craigslist and regretted it so much). This time I decided to find a reputable company. So I googled local moving companies and saw Adept at the top of search results. The ad said 2 men and a truck for just $59/hour. At first, I checked other offers on the Internet. Every company seems to offer similar services...however the price was different. So I decided to call Adept Movers for a quote. The dispatcher was nice and polite. He answered all my questions. I asked him to e-mail me the quote, ‘cause I was just shopping around at that time . I received the quote within the next 15 minutes. I called other local moving companies and requested moving quotes from them as well. Some of them kept their word and e-mailed the quotes, while others simply ignored my request. After reviewing the quotes, I decided to go with Adept and I must admit - I don’t regret it. The move was smooth from beginning to end. They treated me a valued customer; managers always picked up the phone and were ready to answer all my questions. The movers worked their asses off...sorry for my curse words, but this is actually how they did the job - they worked very very hard. This is “tips” to the staff of Adept Movers (of course, I tipped the movers, too). Great job and now I’m no longer afraid of moving. Definitely will use Adept if I have to move again! Thanks, guys!  (Oct 1, 2013 | post #8)

Los Angeles, CA

Adept Moving - $59/HR 2 men crew w/truck

To be honest, I’m a demanding person. I need everything to be done excellent to feel complete satisfaction. So I did my research on google, made a list of moving companies that have a fair price, checked Internet reviews on them and only then began to call those few companies that remained in my list. Adeept Movers were 3rd in my list, but when I called them and talked to their dispatcher, they moved to the 1st position. Young polite voice over the phone provided me with a quote, which seemed to be really good when compared to the quotes of other movers. So I decided to go with these guys. I booked the date and began to get ready for the move. The movers arrived on time, I signed a contract with them and they began to work. There were 2 guys (I picked the cheapest option), who worked non-stop until the job was completed. I paid the guys (gave them good tips) and said good bye. Since then, I’ve unpacked everything and all my belongings were in their places, nothing missing or broken. To cut it short, I’m satisfied with their job. Thank you Adept Movers!!! P.s. Unfortunately I don’t remember the names of the guys who moved me, but thank you guys! Hope your managers will tell you about my positive experience with you.  (Sep 27, 2013 | post #7)