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Sep 14, 2008

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Grand Rapids, MI

Unique Wedding Ideas

Anyone have any unique wedding ideas? We are getting Married March 10th, but we are going on a cruise & getting Married in St. Thomas, then taking a honeymoon cruise, so for us its about OUR wedding not a dog & pony show for our families, as a matter of fact, neither of our families will be there, due to the high cost of the cruises! I say whatever! Its our 2nd marriage & we are doing it for us... IS that selfish?  (Nov 29, 2008 | post #1)


Pay it Forward

The guy that set the event up, asked for my help in gathering donations, so i did, i even got the machine donated for the boy, got the newspaper reports there & the tv news crews, I guess he did the least out of all 5 of us but made it seem like it was a lone effort, I am in close contact w/ the family, they are very gracious for everything i have done for their family, even making comments about me being their angel. Mind you I don't seek any kind of reward except that of the satisfation of acheiving the goal for this family, I will take that great accomplishment to the grave with me. I received thanks, praise & good graces from everyone involved except the one that make the comment about"it was easy".... I guess those who do the least seek the most recognition! I don't want that trust me, I just wish that he would say: I couldnt have done it without these people! BUT i never will hear that from his lips! Though i have to say i have heard it from the family , and thats all that matters, even 1 of the members of the team , made a big announcement the night of the event , on how much work that was done on my part. I don't want a seat by god or anything , I want the guy to stop making it seem like no one else did anything, when in fact, we did it all! Thanks for the input, some people just suck! thats what i have come to!!! hahaha Thanks for letting me vent!  (Nov 29, 2008 | post #6)


Pay it Forward

I am Very Proud of what i did & I know in my heart of hearts what I did! and so does the family, so i guess thats what really matters is that This child has what this child needs to survive & I had my hand in it to make it happen! Thanks for the reminder!  (Nov 29, 2008 | post #4)

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Gas-- - How much are you paying at the pumps

1.84 Erie Pa TOday!!!  (Nov 29, 2008 | post #163)


Pay it Forward

Has everyone heard of paying it forward? Well I have seen the stories about this and even the movie, so i have taken on a mission recently; even though no one has done anything out of the ordinary for me personally, A friend's step son fell ill with a heart condition , i was asked by another friend to run the donations for a fundraiser for this family, not only did the 10 yr old child fall ill, but the father had surgery & ended up in the hospital multiple times w/ his own medical problems, so for 6 weeks i contacted 200 + business's and got alot of donations for the upcoming fundraiser, i got media coverage & asked the fundraiser chairperson to talk to the reporters so i could be with the family while we trained them on the new equipment that i got donated for them An AED $4500 machine! Well today the article came out in the paper & low & behold, the fundraiser chairperson whom i called in to talk to the reporters never mentioned myself as the donations coordinator, never mentioned any of the other people who have worked endless hours to put this whole thing together.. So i was working on my Pay it forward for this family, in hopes that they would do the same for other families. The family has been nothing but gracious for my efforts, but i have come to be a bit salty with the fundraiser chair person... He actually took credit for all the donations received for the event and said "it was easy"........ ... Am i being petty? by being upset that he took all the credit from more than 4 other people who have worked so hard to get this event together??  (Nov 7, 2008 | post #1)

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Gas-- - How much are you paying at the pumps

$2.35 Erie Pa  (Nov 7, 2008 | post #102)


Palin choice was a stretch to appease radical element of GOP

This old friend never said "i'm never wrong" I didnt even write that little song, It came to me from a friend who's close but not 18 so she can't vote! Its AMERICAN & no rebel flags If you vote for Obama, you support "fags" More of the same, I think not, Atleast I can say that I did not; lead to the death of more of the unborn. Or add to the homeless or unemployed, but i work to pay taxes for the welfare ones, that have more daughters & more sons, to suck up the monies that i make, why do people like you have to be so fake?  (Nov 3, 2008 | post #130)


I am having a bad day!

Listen people can say what they want about you, unless they treaten you, than you have no case! Just remember any moron can type angry notes on a computer!!!! they wouldnt say boo to you in person!  (Nov 3, 2008 | post #144)

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Gas-- - How much are you paying at the pumps

2.57/gallon  (Nov 2, 2008 | post #66)


I am having a bad day!

Listen! Someone is jealous of you, if they attack you, they can't come up w/ educational things to say so they retaliate against you! Don't worry, they hate me too! Cheers!  (Nov 2, 2008 | post #26)

Chicago Tribune

Poll: Obama's lead widens

don't be so confident! my friends!  (Nov 2, 2008 | post #3362)

Hiawassee, GA

What Obama Stands For

so everything that is wrong with the world is the republican parties fault? Thanks for telling me!  (Nov 2, 2008 | post #267)

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Name That Tune

"i love the night, the day is okay & the sun can be fun"  (Nov 2, 2008 | post #73)

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AP: Obama's aunt from Kenya has lived illegally in US sin...

can't? lose?  (Nov 2, 2008 | post #117)

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A Place for WOMEN to Chit-Chat about Life! NO TROLLS!

How old? what did he do?  (Nov 2, 2008 | post #20716)

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