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Feb 23, 2007

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Montgomery, IL

Kendall County Wake Up!!!!!

I have to agree with you, nothing has been learned from this! Our teens are still out at parties and drinking it up and doing drugs like nothing ever happened. No one will forget what happened, but everyone, not just teens but everyone thinks all the same "NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO ME". They dont even have to be out drinking. I have a couple teens on my block which is like 3 blocks long that think it is ok to do doughnuts at the end of the street, or do 50 down this street. There are tons of younger kids on my street and one day, because they are trying to act cool, someone will lose their life because they dont think before they try to act "cool". Of course you can call the cops or whatever, but if the cops dont see them what really can they do except tell them that there was a complaint for what they where doing. I have been in the Oswego area for 2 years now and have called the cops on many people for doing "stupid" things. I also am one of those people that call from the cellphone if I see a car with children not in carseats or seatbelts and such. Someone has to step up somewhere, so Iam.  (Aug 27, 2007 | post #12)

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Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

I was just across this bridge in July while on vacation there, I go every year around that time, and yes they where working on it then. All I have to say is it could have been me and my family on that bridge a month ago. My heart and prayers go out to all the victims and their families.  (Aug 3, 2007 | post #105)

Nashville, TN

Tennessee child dies after "hanging game"

Darwin, Iam so sorry you are such a harsh person! You should really think before you type because no matter what you think or feel, these parents have lost a child, his brother lost his brother right in front of him. No matter what you teach your children, children will do and try things that pushes the limit. You have no right to post those kind of comments when a life has been lost. This has nothing to do with child abuse. Kids are kids and they try things, that is the way life works, it has nothing to do with how their parents raise them. I have 2 boys of my own and my world would be lost without them. So think before you post. You are a very heartless person.  (Jul 30, 2007 | post #6)

Woodbury, TN

Short Mountian Elementary

Can anyone tell me what area goes to this school. I might be moving here in the next couple months and have found that this is one of the best schools in Woodbury and have no idea what houses are for sale in this area. Thanks for any help, I have been looking online for days.  (Jul 27, 2007 | post #1)

Boulder Hill, IL

School fees

All I have to say is with the taxes we pay every year, we shouldnt have to be paying extra fees for our children to go to school. Before I was against home schooling, but now I understand why some parents do it. The fees are way to high. My house is in Oswego township, I have lived here for 2 years and since I bought my house my taxes have gone up like 2 or 3 times. My house is only alittle over 1400sq feet and im paying alot for taxes. I dont mind paying taxes for school, dont get me wrong but there has to be a point where they school dist picks up some of these fees for parents.  (Jul 26, 2007 | post #25)

Murfreesboro, TN

Is Murfreesboro a good place to live?

I need some help! My husband our kids and I might be moving there for my husbands work. I have noticed there is alot of sex offenders in this area. Is this a major problem in your town. Is there a "bad" part of town that we should stay away from. Should we move somewhere outside of Murfreesboro? Any information that someone can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you  (Jul 26, 2007 | post #1)

Boulder Hill, IL

TV's Montel Williams helps Boulder Hill family

I saw the show last week, and I think it was a wonderful thing that Montel and his staff did for the Cobar family!  (Jul 9, 2007 | post #1)

Boulder Hill, IL

Cherished articles of slain family thrown out with the tr...

I cant believe what I read in the paper this morning. Neighbors decided they didnt want to look at the crosses,candles,and other stuff placed by grieving friends of the Vaughn family. Who are they to decide when stuff should be taken down. They where out there throwing stuff in the trash. They should be ashamed of themselves!!!!  (Jun 27, 2007 | post #1)

Boulder Hill, IL

Chris Vaughn charged with killing wife, kids

Amen....may they all rest in peace....and I say death to the dad!  (Jun 23, 2007 | post #2)

Boulder Hill, IL

Oswego mom, children killed

Wow channel 5 news just said that the mother was shot under the chin and the gun found next to her. The father is saying to cops that he got out to fix the luggage rack because it was loose and when he went to get out the women shot him. This is just all sad!  (Jun 14, 2007 | post #9)

Boulder Hill, IL

Driver was speeding in wreck that killed five Oswego teens

I think the poster said need to step down and take a deep breath. That court house is to small for all you people to be up in there just because you think she deserves justice. And I also think that when she took 20 people or whatever it was that was all of her family so I think you need your facts before you blow up next time. People that arent family need to stay the heck out of the courthouse.  (Jun 14, 2007 | post #32)

Boulder Hill, IL

New Law Proposed In Wake Of Deadly Oswego Crash

I agree with you, I also hold a CDL. Iam 31 years old and If I plan on goig out for the night we always make sure we have a non drinking driver with us.  (Apr 1, 2007 | post #2)

Boulder Hill, IL

Fifth family files suit over Oswego crash

Not only that, but what mother would allow her 16 year old girl to spend the night with a boy, because I know for a fact that a teen girl doesn't live in that house. This is a major issue in our community. Parents are not checking up on what their children are doing. They are just dropping them off and not questioning them on what their plans are and not meeting parents.  (Mar 22, 2007 | post #30)

Boulder Hill, IL

Don't Buy Miller Beer!!!

Take your own advice!!!  (Mar 17, 2007 | post #121)

Boulder Hill, IL

4 Teens Killed In Car Crash In Oswego

The point is, they knew he had a problem with drinking and picked him up several times and he came home several times drunk including the night before the accident. They should have gotten him help! It is very clear he needed help with his drinking problem.  (Mar 16, 2007 | post #417)

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