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Jul 28, 2011

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Bartlesville, OK

Meth Labs And How To Stop Them

If Walmart would take the lead and stop selling the dry tablets other pharmacies would follow. They have testified at the Arkansas capital that prescription only is the way to stop the meth labs and they should take a stand. Knowing that children are burning to death from pseudoephedrine bought from their store should be first and no bottom line profit  (Aug 1, 2011 | post #3)

Bartlesville, OK

Meth Labs And How To Stop Them

http://www.stopmet I am sure everyone is aware of the serious meth lab problem your city has. Your last bust where the children were walking barefoot through feces inside filthily conditions while the parents were busy cooking dope I must say besides the 3 children that burned to death in del city this one ranks right you there and something is going to be done to stop all the meth labs and very soon ! I am David Starkey and I wrote a ( dry tablet ) pseudoephedrine ordinance because the dry pseudoephedrine is what they must have to too their dope. The gel cap and liquid pseudoephedrine would be excluded because you cannot make meth from them. Oregon passed a prescription only law and they went from 584 meth labs in 2001, then they passed their prescription only law in 2006. In 2008 meth labs dropped to 12 and crime hit a 50 year. This year Oregon has only had 1 meth lab so this works. Mississippi passed thins in 2010 and in 6 months meth labs dropped by 70% and they are still falling so we know this works ! Now lets address the multi billion dollar drug lobbies lies that are spreading. All you have to do to get a prescription is have your doctor call it in. I know I am 51 and I have never been charged to have something called in and I am sure all of you have done the same so their cost argument is out the window. So if you suffer from serious allergies your doctor can put 5 more refills on there so at most you only have to call in every six months which is no big deal. I know unless you are a meth cook everyone should be for this because I am tired of children burning to death like the children in Del City the burned to death and the children in Bartlesville in this story which is terrible. m/dpp/bartlesville live/dtf:-3-childr en-collected-from- %27filthy%27-meth- house,-parents-arr ested The good news is my city ordinance is about to be filed before the city council and it will save lives and stop all the meth labs. Remember for the average Joe you there is just one step added and that is to call your doctor and have him call it in. I know I would gladly call my doctor for free to have it call it in every 6 months. If we do this we can stop all of these meth labs and take Bartlesville back as it is my worst city right now. Prescription for the dry and leaving the gel caps and liquids alone is the answer to stop all of these meth labs ! I am working with a young lady that is serious about stopping the meth and I really like motivated people as I am only one person but I have passed 5 cities so far and more on the way ! I have a video section on my web site that has a real meth lab explosion that blows the brink wall completely out. It also melted the skin off of the people in that room and I am not sure they died but it is so dangerous. Bartlesville is the most meth infested city I have right now so I could use everyones support. Call the mayor, police chief and city attorney. It is time for massive action and run this meth cooks out of our state ! Here is the latest link to your meth bust in Bartlesville m/dpp/bartlesville live/dtf:-3-childr en-collected-from- %27filthy%27-meth- house,-parents-arr ested If you would like to contact me just go to my web site and my cell number is on the main page on the left and my E mail is [email protected] . I want to think Charla Lockman for her tireless work she has put in to help me get this passed. I have a saying " Remember throughout your day that one person can make a difference " David Starkey I could use some help so contact me from my web site or through me E mail here and we can stop all of the meth labs !  (Jul 28, 2011 | post #1)

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