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Aug 2, 2007

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on roaccutane for a second time .. giving tips to newcomers

on ym second time now and thought id share some knowledge... the only sideaffects i ever got were dry skin. however if u moisturise twice, maybe three times a day with a NO OILY moisturiser, and use a lib balm like coca butter, as soon as u start your treatment, i find u can combat the dryness very effectively. 1. moistuerise above the eyes, but under the eyebrow, and on the temple 2. drink lots of water, helps to regenerate the skin... plus u fill weirdly healthier after. drink around 7-9 glasess a day 3. get a facial scrub, and ever other day (depends on ur skin) use it to help clear away dead skin. 4. also for the shower, get a soft scrub for general body dead skin 5. if you are worried about the drink, make it regular to take them in the morning, peace of mind 6. watch out in the sun, you seem to burn a lot quicker than normal, however i find u can get a nice tan if u work it right, for a short period in the sun ... just a few basics. good luck  (Aug 2, 2007 | post #1)

Accutane again??

hey gradagent, im on it for a second time as well. first time was when i was around 16 - 17, all cleared up perfectly, for about 6 -7 months i had no spots at all, then they slowy started coming back, so now im on it again, i can say theres nothing wrong by doing so, and talk to your doctor about going up a dose, best way  (Aug 2, 2007 | post #3)


for me i used a no oily moisturizer, and if u moisturise like 3 times a day, youll see ur skin become less flaky and dry  (Aug 2, 2007 | post #2)