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Dec 31, 2013

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The 10 Ultimate Stock Trading Survival Techniques!

Trading is not for the faint of heart. Varying amounts of personal investment and often-stressful conditions can wear down the less prepared. For this reason, a little foreknowledge goes a long way in determining success. Here are ten tips to keep in mind when taming the stock trading jungle. Pick Your Tools Wisely Master carpenters have a trustworthy hammer. Master Chefs have a well-crafted knife set. In both cases, the seasoned professional knows that their tools make a difference. Establish your toolbox, choosing only those that work effectively within your system. In addition, avoid picking up new technologies or applications simply because of their newness and novelty. Determining what works is key to a good trading system, so don’t fix what isn’t broken. Develop Your Trading System The difference between the pack and the pack leader lies in his/her individual strength and strategy. Utilizing the same strategy as everyone else is a guaranteed way to minimize gains. Differentiating yourself means watching the markets, understanding your system, and leveraging it to maximum effectiveness. Focus on developing strategies, tools, and measures that work around your personal trading style and stick to it once you’ve found your winner. Know Your Costs In addition to sometimes absurd brokerage fees, real trading costs can occur from slippage. More often than not, this slippage occurs from prudently established trade stops and other automated measures that may, somewhat ironically, prevent you from hitting the optimum entry and exit prices. Other costs, like wash sale rules, which prevent loss deductions to lighten income tax burdens when losing positions are re-entered too quickly, can burn you further. Monitor your system and actions carefully and understand where cost occurs and how to minimize it. Use Technical Analysis Knowing how to make winning trades takes an advanced understanding of movements and trends. This is where technical analysis comes in. Comprehensive data, intelligent analytics, and informed decision-making based on this sort of sophisticated insight is a sure fire way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Watching the market is important, but watching it with a trained eye is potent. Leverage Moving Averages Many market analytics can clarify an otherwise complicated picture, but moving averages reside among the more insightful of this selection. The benefit of the metric lies in the smoothing of data that helps visually identify trends more easily. Be Patient, Not Preemptive The signals developed by your trading system involve a long and exhaustive process of understanding trades, market movements, and analytics in order to make intelligent decisions. At no point should this level of research be belittled, especially not when entering positions. Monitoring analytics for your designated signal point is intelligent, but preemptively jumping on a position simply because it was near your chosen number is foolish, and will feel so if the hasty decision turns south. Know When to Fold Buying and selling for gains is exciting, but selling for minimal losses is essential. Positions will turn south from time-to-time, the key is not to invite defeat by riding it well past its expiration date. Set exit points for yourself and know what loss you can afford. Get out when times get tough and live to fight another day instead of betting the farm on a “sure thing” turned sour. Buy Strong, Sell Weak... A course that you will definitely benefit from if you want to learn exactly how to trade stocks and be profitable in any market is the 4-Day Stock Trading Bootcamp - http://bullsonwall dingbootcamp/  (Jan 7, 2014 | post #1)