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Nov 16, 2011

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New android version of punkradio is out, NEED BANDS AND S...

Hi. ANDROID PHONE VERSION: There is a new version out, it is just the basic functions to work on all phones. In the future a version with better functions will be out for later phonemodels. Also the basic version will be improved, this version is just to listen to streamed punkmusic! Free to download at Android PLAY (ex Android market) PS. all radios and apps from sthlm 8-bit punkradio is free to download and use but for the android app your phoneoperator might/willN charge you for the datatraffic when you listen to music, make sure you have a fixed-rate bill from your operator. ALWAYS NEED NEW MUSIC: Sthlm 8 -bit punkradio always needs new bands and music for the radio. If you want your band on the radio just send the mp3 songs by mail to punkradio8bit@gmai along with the following Info needed for adding a BAND is: (number 1,2,3,4 and 5 is required) 1. bandname 2. short description of the band 3. country 4. 3 categories from the random punkradio player at that best describe the music 5. bands mail adress 6. bands homepage adress 7. recordcompany 8. recordompany mail adress and for the SONGS is 1. songname 2. albumname if it is from a album FACEBOOK APP: The facebook app is impreved with functions for rating songs etc. http://apps.facebo dio/ OTHER: homepage is http://www.sthlm8b blogspot is http://punkradiost hlm8bit.blogspot.s e/ I have made sthlm 8-bit punkradio for the love of punk and independent music and the diy idea HOPE YOU WILL LIKE THE PUNKRADIO!!!  (Jul 21, 2012 | post #1)


Punkband who want to upload their music for a Android & F...

Hi. Sthlm 8-bit punkradio is a new Android app and Flash site where users can chose categories and listen to random songs from those. It is free for users, uploaders etc, no comercialbreaks between songs,just punk. Band who upload music does not get royalties. The android app will be released when there is enough of uploaded music and the flashsite is already up to view but no music database is avalible. For uploading songs, visit and register, then start uploading music. Thanks.  (Nov 16, 2011 | post #1)