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Jun 30, 2008

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Why are Republicans so Stupid?

Obama and Biden telling us the economy is on the mend regardless of the PROOF in numbers that it is NOT is PROOF that they are purposefully destroying our economy... Obama has no good intentions for our country.. for the people who live here.. he is no different from any other man who desired to take a prosperous land and conquer it, making it his own 3rd world banana republic that he could then be tyrannical dictator of.. history has many instances of this happening.. I myself always wondered why the people let the dictator take over.. now I know.. they probably fought.. but as in this case,, a machine of media has been put in place to stifle the people fighting to save their country from tyranny.. When we do manage to save America from Obama, we need to jail all the mainstream media that have performed treason against America by not reporting truth...actually since the beginning of Bush's first term, the hate for America that they helped to drum up is what started the swell of malcontent that allowed for an inexperienced, unqualified candidate to be elected, promising change, which if you look back in history, is not much different from what Hitler and Lenin promised when they took over perfectly peaceful nations themselves.. We can stand together to stop this administration from committing treason, overthrowing America's government,, that is what they are doing.. they are the enemy within.  (Sep 9, 2009 | post #1078)

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Why are Republicans so Stupid?

the market was manipulated by George Soros and his wealthy freinds so the election could be turned from security to economy.. did you ever ask why a community organizer would be better at the economy than McCain, a man with experience at least??. One morning in the fall of last year, so much money was taken out of the mutual funds that Bush was encouraged by Paulson to close the stock market. Paulson is now known to have been a mole for George Soros and his America hating minions who desire to take American capitalism down.. many people feel that through Bilderberger, the Illuminate, Skulls and bones and a few other secret societies that all the people in power in our country are working for one world government.. they even said both Bushes were involved and many of Bush's cabinet and advisors.. the thing is that if Bush had been working for a one world government,, at least he would have wanted America to be on top.. This guy Obama purposefully has put our country into such dire circumstances with debt that we will be a 3rd world banana republic soon enough.. meaning Obama's plan for one world government. America is being BROKEN so that we will be taken over by the 3rd world banana republics that are marxist/communists .. Obama has dissed our usual allies and he and his people admire Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro.. the people behind Obama admire tyrannical dictatorships.. was this the change that you had in mind??? to go from a president that loved America to one who dispises it?? it was completely MORONIC to elect a mystery man who now that his ties are coming to light, show that he should not have been on any ballot in America at all... America has elected the enemy eithin.. the collpase of our economy was on purpose so that they can manipulate us.. and when they take the money from the private insurance companies out of the stock market,, and they confiscate the personal property of HOSPITALS as they have taken from the auto manufacturers... they will then have COLLAPSED the stock market... our money will be worth nothing... we will all be equally poor.. that is how they redistribute the wealth.. how do you like that?? all equally poor no matter how hard we worked and how much we saved over the years.. now poof.. just like last fall it will be gone.. all on purpose by Obama, George Soros and their America haating friends.. who will then step in to "save" America?? will it be Saudi Arabia and we will all be considered Muslims living under sharia law??? or will it be China who owns our debt? either way we will no longer live in America because the plan of Obama and his friends was to destroy America all along..  (Sep 9, 2009 | post #1077)

Tony Stewart

Sadler & wife expecting

gosh,,, I hope while she was steaking around town that no one grabbed her and now she is having their baby... JK... AWWWWWWW HOW SWEET!!!  (Sep 8, 2009 | post #3)

US Politics

Soldier Killed After Re-Enlisting to Get Health Insurance

I'm not.. I'm wireless in VA  (Sep 8, 2009 | post #107)

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Health care dominates as Congress returns

those of us smart enough to not vote for the inexperienced, unqualified, those who were not fooled into thinking America was broken, have an idea... QUIT SPENDING MONEY WE DO NOT HAVE!!!!! the Chinese are freaking out because Obama is destroying capitalism.. and he is doing it on purpose and even people like you will not like living under Barack's dictatorship where we are equally poor, hungry and sitting at home because of no jobs, no energy, no food no MONEY!! you voted for an America HATER!! that was a truly bad idea if the media informed you,, you would have the opportunity to help us stop him from destroying our country... unfortunately they are keeping you in the dark.. so you will be angry too late.  (Sep 8, 2009 | post #20)