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Dec 13, 2012

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my experience with Wilson Moore property agent! anyone th...

DO NOT TOUCH THIS AGENT!! Because of the recession my Wife and I decided to move to Dubai so we contact there office in Finglas, we were then contacted by one of their agents who came out and said i can easily get 1200 euro a month for a new house and I will get you a very good family and thoroughly check there reference as well! We explained we were worried about leaving our home to strangers He then said he would have all this done before we moved! 1 week after we moved to Dubai no one had moved into our house and he was moved to different position in sales, when we finally found who was looking after our house they had let it out for 1150euro a month and the family had a dog, the rent was late 2 times! About 3 months into the rental there was a leak Wilson Moore repaired it at a very high cost. Finally when the tenant moved out they went to check the house and then told use the house we was clean and nothing was wrong. When the new tenant moved in they contacted us to ask for 4 rooms to painted and 2 rooms for the carpet to be cleaned! They then said there was dog waste in behind the bed! They said the leak that was repaired by Wilson Moore was very badly finished could it be redone! The damage done our new house is more than the deposit and what we paid Wilson Moore to look after our house when were away! Also we had stains all over the sofa and punch holes in a door! Wilson Moore told us they were checking the house every 3 or 4 months and that everything was perfect and to worry! They have to be the worsted property agent around; do leave your home with this company Get a friend to look after your home if you can! Very unhappy customer Feedback please  (Dec 13, 2012 | post #1)