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Aug 18, 2013

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Toronto, ON

Meir Ezra Blog: Navigating the Money Maze

Meir Ezra - In This Workshop You'll Learn How To... Ensure Financial Security Leave a Financial Legacy for Your Children Create Money to Realize Your Dreams This information is brought to Canada by an international business man who owns multiple 8-figure companies. He has years of experience across a wide range of fields, an inventor with many patents registered to his name and an international business consultant with clients in more than 26 countries. His clients include companies such as BP (British Petroleum), Motorola, IBM and many small business owners. He established the most successful distributor of gasoline management systems, a company that within three years grew to $100,000,000. Join us for Navigating The Money Maze and you could be the next success story! Read more: http://www.slidesh g251/meir-ezra-blo g-navigating-the-m oney-maze  (Aug 16, 2015 | post #1)

Matawan, NJ

TLS Group Madrid, Barcelona, London: Services

TLS Concept is our service of residential rental properties. By having a large database of tenants across Europe, we are constantly looking for homes that fit these demands. Is my property suitable for the service? If your property is located within the area shown in the picture, we will be happy to make our services available for you. We can offer you a guaranteed rental plan to 5 years. Other details: http://www.tlsgrou dlords/tls-service s For more info, just visit our site: http://www.tlsgrou  (Mar 31, 2015 | post #1)

About Westward Parts

In the 1960's, Al Harris, then a farm equipment dealer, saw the need for a specialized agricultural parts service in Western Canada. Although a number of quality "short-line " manufacturers were represented in the Canadian West, they were unable to provide adequate parts service, an important factor in providing service to agriculture. In 1970, Al started a service for Alberta dealers, and in February of 1973, Westward Parts Services Ltd. ( http://www.westwar s ) was incorporated as a separate business. A Regina warehouse was opened in February of 1974. Westward Parts ( http://www.westwar ) soon expanded to serve Manitoba and British Columbia dealers, and then Eastern Canadian dealers and distributors. Although Al has passed away, Westward Parts remains a 100% Canadian owned private corporation.  (Dec 21, 2014 | post #1)

Fraud Benchmarking - Warfield & Associates

At Warfield & Associates, we have developed a range of services that can assist your organisation reduce the likelihood of fraud and corruption occurring and when it does, identify it more readily. Fraud and Corruption Benchmarking and Gap Analysis Corporate governance is in the spot light more than ever. Organisations need to become more proactive, to protect their reputation. The Australian Standard 8001-2008 Fraud and Corruption Control has been introduced to give organisations an opportunity to assess their fraud control environment. The objective of the Standard is to provide a recommended approach to controlling fraud and corruption within a wide range of public and private sector entities. The fraud and corruption benchmarking and gap analysis considers the size, diversity, geographical spread, industry sector and your risk profile. This is the first step in gaining a better understanding of how your organisation is tracking against the Standard and understanding your fraud risk profile. Once the gaps have been identified, we can: • Design and implement a fraud control plan • Develop a fraud response plan, aimed at minimising the adverse consequences from a fraud event • Provide fraud awareness training • Undertake targeted fraud risk assessment • Develop Investigation Standards and Procedures Warfield & Associates has the experience to help benchmark your organisation’s current policies and procedures relating to fraud and corruption control against the Australian Standard.  (Jul 1, 2014 | post #1)

Business News

Baker & McKenzie Advises Hungary's Largest Energy...

Source: http://www.bakermc ngarysEnergyBillio nGasDeal/ Budapest, Hungary, 17 October, 2013 - Baker & McKenzie Budapest has advised state-owned Hungarian Electricity Works on its acquisition of German utility E.On's entire Hungarian gas business, including gas trade and gas storage businesses. Completion of this deal sees a significant part of the energy sector re-nationalized, following privatization in the late 1990s. Hungarian Electricity Works paid HUF281.3 billion (US$1.27 billion) for the business. The client is a major player in the Hungarian electricity sector, active in the areas of electricity generation, transmission, system operation and electricity trade. E.ON previously controlled more than 65% of Hungary's natural gas storage capacity and was the largest distributor of household natural gas in Hungary and held the only private gas storage required for the operation of the gas system in Hungary. The team was led by Pál P. Takács, co-head of Budapest Corporate M&A practice group. Energy, IT and Tax practices were also involved, as well as the Competition practice because the transaction raised complex EU and domestic merger control and state aid issues. "We were honored to assist Hungarian Electricity works in this high profile, important energy sector transaction which represents the country's highest value energy sector deal of the last decade. As the transaction was relevant to Hungarian energy stability policy, it involved the highest government and state administration departments," commented Mr Takacs.  (Oct 23, 2013 | post #1)

Business News

The Blue Crown Capital Management: The Management

Source: http://www.bluecro gement Saul Kramer: Saul made Aliyah in 1997 after completing a B comm. in economics in South Africa. Since then he has served in the IDF Nachal brigade, completed an MBA at Bar Ilan University, lived in London for two years and worked in the fields of finance and investments until co founding Blue Crown Capital. Saul is married to Liza and they live with their three kids in Buchman, Modiin. Moshe Cohen: Moshe made Aliya in 2007, after completing his accountancy articles in South Africa. He joined the company as a mortgage advisor and client manager. He is now a managing partner. Moshe is married to Tali and they live with their two kids in Kaizer, Modiin. the blue crown capital management  (Aug 18, 2013 | post #1)