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Feb 22, 2008

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Americans may spend more than $10 billion celebrating Sup...

I wonder what Lindsey Vonn has planned?  (Feb 5, 2011 | post #16)

Duluth / GOP questions residency of Democrat

Apparently, the Perp-/Dickl-/Janez -/Sert-ich machine still functions well enough to dupe approximately half of the District 5B DFL'ers into voting for what may be their least experienced or qualifed candidate ever, legal residency not withstanding. Judging from her visage peering out from every snow bank in Hibbing, I'm sure Ms Melin is a very "nice" person. Fortunately, should she win the General Election, she'll serve as the lowest ranking member of the minority party in the Legislature, thus minimizing the amount of damage that might be done to any prospects for improvement of economic and social conditions here on the Iron Range.  (Feb 3, 2011 | post #6)

Farrah's red swimsuit goes to Smithsonian

Darn! I was hoping Lindsey Vonn would get it.  (Feb 3, 2011 | post #4)

Ruben Rosario: With Egypt in turmoil, Keith Ellison plays...

WHo cares? I need to know how Linday Vonn feels about it.  (Feb 3, 2011 | post #62)

Lindsey Vonn suffered concussion in practice crash

I think a second opinion is called for?  (Feb 3, 2011 | post #5)

Ted Mondale talks about the Vikings' chances for a new st...

Bertainly a headline story, if only for the fact that anybody, anywhere, for any reason, would listen to someone named "Mondale "!  (Jan 31, 2011 | post #60)

Democrats to pick fave in NE Minnesota House race

Iron Range DFL'ers (NOT Democrats!) are used to annointing officials. The citizens' vote are just a formality. This election will tell if they still have that "power" or not.  (Jan 31, 2011 | post #5)

The fall of St. Paul City Church: Faith left them blessed...

The road to hell is paved with good intentions? (Saint Bernard of Clairvaux)  (Jan 30, 2011 | post #6)

Fitch downgrades Egypt outlook to negative

Well that pretty much locks the horses out of the stable! How much do these guys get paid for such incredible insight and advice?  (Jan 28, 2011 | post #1)

Questions with Bob Sansevere: How can St. Paul bar owner ...

They featured bare!  (Jan 27, 2011 | post #50)

Dayton signs orders to cut red tape

You'll notice that part of the new regulatons will require every discussion board comment to be posted in duplicate.  (Jan 26, 2011 | post #23)

Dayton signs orders to cut red tape

Several Executive and Legislative branch committees will be set up, under the oversight of Minnesota's very own Red Tape Czar, to study red tape and issue reports and recommendations by 2014. This will result in formation of a new State Department of Effciency, creating several thousand new state (union) jobs to implement and monter compliance with new Efficiency Mandates just in time for Dayton's re-election!  (Jan 26, 2011 | post #22)

Minnesota cold snap was worst in two years

Gee "weather man", (if that is your real name), perhaps you should explain how these 180 years worth of records from the Twin Cities area "prove" global warming and it's cause. It sounds better than the old "Tree Rings in Siberia" proof! Maybe a couple million dollar goverment grand would help you?  (Jan 25, 2011 | post #8)

Little hands, hot fireplace glass: A danger in your livin...

Fire is dangerous! Who knew?  (Jan 23, 2011 | post #9)

Spend Legacy money for maximum benefit

So, after pulling wool over the electorate's eyes, the foxes turn their attention to hen house audits.  (Jan 23, 2011 | post #1)