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Oct 15, 2009

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Marine Atlantic cancellations cause upheaval as B.C., Mar...

I'd trade places with BC or the Maritimes any day. I've heard there's week long delays going on in parts of Europe right now, that's insane.. especially over the holidays. ----------- Steve Mc subs(at)smcmedia.c a http://www.smcmedi  (Dec 21, 2010 | post #2)

Climate walkout 'did not happen,' Prentice says

In response to the last post... I'm pretty sure you can't get sued for printing BS these days ;) The news papers and news networks all seem to just be a grab for ratings. Steve M steve(at)smcmedia. ca http://www.lipolas  (Oct 21, 2009 | post #12)

Canada: A nation of bigots

Bigotry can exist anywhere, and a small number of bad seeds can seem to a represent of a group or race. But I think it's important to remember that we're also one of the most peaceful countries on earth filled with people that pretty much get along. We must be doing something right? Steve M [email protected] http://www.regular  (Oct 21, 2009 | post #75)


12 Minnesota cities are installing wind turbines, hoping ...

No doubt... 50 to 100 years for them to pay themselves off?? That's nuts. Steve M subs (at) http://www.smcmedi  (Oct 20, 2009 | post #93)


Facebook friend suggestions - how does it know???

Social networking wonders! Friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, similar schools, cities, etc... Facebook is an internet marketing prodigy and I bet they're raking in huge ad revenue now because of it. The more people on your list, the more you'll use it, the more targetted ads they can throw at you. I get some strange suggestions too, most of them are friends of friends that i've never met.. Steve M subs(at)smcmedia.c a http://www.smcmedi  (Oct 15, 2009 | post #198)

Boy, 6, floats away in balloon aircraft in Colorado

They never found the kid?? Steve M subs (at) http://www.smcmedi  (Oct 15, 2009 | post #46)