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Apr 16, 2008

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Moscow, Russia

Why it Matters: Russia

One of the few points I agree with Trump is that improved relations with Russia is vital for the world. U.S. Russian tensions threaten not only the U.S and Russia but the entire world. What the United States and the European Union and NATO need to understand is what kind of situation and government would ensue if the terrorist rebels actually succeeded in overthrowing Asaad. Is the United States really looking forward to an Islamic State in Syria if the terrorists win. The United States has got to quit complaining about Russia's attack against the rebels. If Russia doesn't succeed in surpressing the rebels, then the world faces a Syrian state run by Islamic Fundamental Extremists. It will be another Taliban Afghanistan all over again.  (Sunday | post #1)


Iraqi parliament passes bill banning alcohol

In many passages of the Koran, Mohommed states that one should embrace or show thanks by their embrace by the good food and drink that Allah has supplied for them. I have yet to find a passage that says one should deny themselves of Earthly pleasure which modern mullahs interpret as the absence of entertainment, music, art, television, movies, radio broadcasts, internet, western ideologies, fashion and so forth. I don't understand how the Koran is an instructional guide as to how NOT to advance in a modern technological world. These Muslims wear the same clothes that Kadjira and Ayesha wore in 615 a.d. They haven't evolutionized to modern times. I don't see what is so wrong with going with the times as well as practicing the basic five pillars of Islam. Pray, Fast, Pay Alms, Make a Pilgrimmage to Mecca, and honor Ramadan. These five pillars of islam, the foundation of Islam in no way suggests that Muslims can not evolutionize into modern technology.  (Sunday | post #3)


Apex conference aims to empower Muslims to rise above fear

Muslims need to meet like this regularly, including all sects of Islam. All fifty of them or so. They need to confer and meet and discuss what direction Islam is ultimately going to. There needs to be delegates and panels and conferences so that each sect is granted a voice and the differences between the sects can be managed and worked out in a way that the various sects can get together in harmony even though they have their differences. There should be delegations, panels, parliaments, houses etc.... for each Islamic State or Muslim oriented government that convene to meet with each other to delineate the various guidelines that ACCEPTANCE of each tribe, dynasty, or religious sect can peacefully enact with each other. YOu can practice whatever sect of ISlam you want but you can't infringe on anotber's different sect's rights. Why are Muslims killing Muslims over different sects. its all the same religion, like Catholics have baptists and lutherins and seven day adventists and so forth. They all believe in the fundamental basics of christ but they don't kill each other over the differences of their beliefs. The individual sects and tribes and dynasties of Islam must learn to co habitate or else peace will never be reached. They must learn to accept the different sects and not say that their sect is so superior that they can annihilate a different sect in any way. Muslims must learn to get along so that they no longer commit suicide bombings in order to convert one sect into another. So that they no longer bomb builidings of a different sect. Don't you want the pain, the suffering, the bombings, the torture to stop. Make peace between the sects then you'll find your paradise. Not by bombing another sect. That's only death and since it was just another sect of Islam you aren't gaining any rights to the Judgement Day from Allah anyway. Islam is one religion. There is one Koran. Why must you kill each other in the name of Mohommed when Mohommed preached the opposite. he might have said that the nonbelievers would not go to heaven and would perish a disastrous death but Mohommed as dictated by the angel Gabriel never, ever said to kill those in opposition to Islam. He said forgive them and let them go to face their own fate.  (Sunday | post #1)


Iraq's Parliament Votes To Ban Alcohol

Prohibition anyone. Time for some bootleggers to make some massive cash.  (Sunday | post #1)


Does God have only one voice and one message?

And according to the Koran (Qu'ran) which is mentioned like on every page of the suras, if you are a disbeliever in Allah you will burn the eternal fires. However it never really states to kill people who aren't followers of Allah. Instead, the Koran (Qu'ran) states that if a Muslim meets a nonbeliever , it is their duty to try to convert that nonbeliever. If the nonbeliever refuses to be converted, then the Muslim is to go on his own ways and know that he will be forgiven for his efforts at not converting a non Muslim into a Muslim. The Koran (Qu'rqn) never states to kill those who are disbelievers. It says quite the opposite. However it does say that if you don't believe in the messenger and Allah that you will face the day of Judgement. It says this on like every freak''n page of the Koran (Qu'ran).  (Sunday | post #79)


[Opinion] Coercive EU diplomacy can save Syrian lives

How about the European Union joining Russia's efforts to prevent rebel terrorists from over throwing Bashar Al-Asaad's government. Does the European Union have any idea what would happen to the Western Middle East, Syria, if the terrorists won the fight. Well that's what they are supporting if they even think about sanctioning or reprimanding Russia. Then the European Union would have to deal with, along with Russia, the consequences of another ISlamic State rule. Is that what you want European Union. I hardly think so. So you better wake up and smell the terrorism.  (Sunday | post #2)


Iraqi parliament passes bill banning alcohol

No where in the Koran (Qu'ran) does it state that one should deny themselves food or drink, unless it is in the time of fasting and prayer. The Koran (Qu'ran) actually promotes the partaking of what earthly things Allah has given to his people to consume.  (Sunday | post #1)


Study provides novel insights into genetic factors linked...

Since we supposedly cracked the genome of the human body, then we should have on file the serial tag identification for the gene for auditory perception. Just make sure that gene is functioning at its highest level and there you have hearing loss. Of course if there is an aberration on the gene that is contributed to hearing or auditory perception and it is mutated, but not in a way that it causes cancer, then of course that mutated or incomplete gene should be rectified and made whole via some sort of genetic manipulation, whether it be embryonic stem cell, or Polymerase Chain Reaction of the healthy gene to be implanted into the ear with hearing loss, or some other form of genetic therapy. You could always get a hearing aid too. I think that hearing loss occurs when the eardrum and tiny follicles of "hair" that exist in the inner ear and ear drum which are designed to pick up sound waves are damaged. Perhaps repairing those little "hairs" and the inner ear drum could work too without having to go to a completely genetic level.  (Sunday | post #1)


Scientists appeal for help to find a mate for Jeremy the ...

After analyzing the photo I am clearly aware that that is not Jeremy. Instead, that snail is indeed Pierre and he likes galrlic butter.  (Saturday Oct 22 | post #1)


Russian indicted on charges he hacked LinkedIn

What exactly are you going to get out of Linkdin besides a numerical count of how many friends somebody has. It's not like you list your credit card numbers on the website or something.  (Saturday Oct 22 | post #1)


19 Dead in Russian Helicopter Crash in Siberia: Investiga...

It was a Maylasian Missile.  (Saturday Oct 22 | post #1)


Russian scientists say Crimea 'moving toward Russia'

WOW!! Russia's had a lot of babies since last year.  (Saturday Oct 22 | post #12)


Milo: Why Islamic Preachers Prey On Gingers

If you can't extract the hydrogen from a steam engine.  (Saturday Oct 22 | post #10)

US News

Clinton, Trump battle fiercely over taxes, race, terror

Like I always say, "since when has a tax ever solved a governmental financial problem?"  (Saturday Oct 22 | post #120)


EU Softens Sanctions Threat Against Russia Over Syria Bom...

Right now I'm working on atmospheric processors in order to colonize American societies on Mars.  (Saturday Oct 22 | post #3)

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