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Jul 27, 2012

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A little about myself, I was in wreck about 3 years ago, this October. I was on the way to work one morning and lost control of my truck and flipped down a 30ft embankment. I am a T12, completed, but my level of injury is T10. About 8 months ago, I was accepted to get the treatment at Panama. My family and I have saved a little, but lost its momentum. I was feeling like I wasn’t going to have the chance fight to walk again. A little over a month ago, I feel in love with a beautiful woman, and it has set a fire under me to walk again. Since she lives over a 1000 miles away. I’m fighting my way so I can get my treatment and hopefully walk again. So then it would be possible to make that move and start a life with the girl of my dreams. Sorry for rambling on, in short. I have about half the money saved up, and plan on doing a fundraiser at the end of September. If you have any tips and advice fundraising and/or your experience with stem cells. You can visit my website at ellsfordoug  (Jul 27, 2012 | post #1)