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Jan 2, 2007

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Hope for Best- Expect Worst


Somewhere in Colorado


Somewhere in Colorado

Local Favorites:

none, I like Sasha Cohan, Johnny Weir and the Rest are world figureskaters and ice dancers.

I Belong To:

a church a writing club and exercise groups, I'm very private

When I'm Not on Topix:

I''m reading, writing a book, a myriad of other things

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I have something important to say.

I'm Listening To:

All kinds of music especially

Read This Book:

Everything Is Illuminated

Favorite Things:

Figure skating, all kinds of dance, figure skaters, world cutures, foreign languages, European culture.

On My Mind:

world peace

Blog / Website / Homepage:

none I would share because I 'm careful who I share my email with.

I Believe In:

telling the truth.