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Dec 11, 2008

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US Politics

GOP Lawyer: Not So Fast on Franken Win

I'm sorry, but the 50% of voters in Minnesota who chose Al Franken as their US Senator must have frost bite of the brain. Seriously...Al Franken? Was Jesse Ventura not available? LOLOL. This just reinforces my stance as a staunch independent. The Republican and Democratic parties lead us all around on little leashes telling us when to sit up and beg and when to roll over. Al Franken? Gimme a break Minnesota.  (Jan 7, 2009 | post #20)

NFL Football

Steeler fans: Don't get too charged up

If Rothleisberger plays well the Steelers win, if not, it's gonna be a long day. Three field goals is all he could muster the first time they played and SD is better now. Steel should win this game; all the defensive commentary has been focused on Baltimore and Philly because of their wins against weak offenses last weekend but the Steeler D will show up against the Bolts and prove why they are number 1 in the league. But even that great D can't always make up for offensive turnovers - which, unfortunately, Ben and his offense are prone to.  (Jan 7, 2009 | post #13)

NFL Football

The Eagles have a chance to be Giants killers.

For purely selfish reasons I'm happy the Eagles won. The Eagles can beat New York; the Cardinals would have had nearly zero chance against the G-men. I think the Giants are the most dangerous team in the NFC, so, as an AFC fan, I want New York gone asap. Go Eagles!  (Jan 5, 2009 | post #11)


Virginia Tech tops Cincinnati, ends BCS drought

As a Tech grad with a son attending right now, I'm happy for the team and Tech fans everywhere. This was truly a season of perseverence. With four losses, three point wins over Georgia Tech, North Carolina, and Virginia, and less than impressive efforts against Furman, Western Kentucky, and Duke, I thought the Hokies were destined to lose in the Orange Bowl. But I was very wrong and I give Frank Beemer a great deal of credit for preparing for Cincinnati. The team was ready and Bud Foster's defense showed again why he's one of the best defensive minds in America. WTG Hokies!  (Jan 2, 2009 | post #1)

NFL Football

An uneasy vacation begins for Patriots

Very good points. By contrast, the Ravens had to play the NFC East and AFC South; both better than average divisions.  (Dec 31, 2008 | post #6)

NFL Football

An uneasy vacation begins for Patriots

Every season each team plays each of the other teams in their conference which finished in the same place the prior season. New England finished in first place in '07 in the AFC East, so their schedule this season automatically included Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Indy, the 3 other '07 first place teams in the AFC. The Pats went 0-3 in these games, getting blown out by the Chargers and Steelers and losing a close game in Indy. The Pats other two losses were at home to division foes Miami (another blow out) and the Jets. The Pats finished 11-5, the same record as the Ravens. In my (somewhat biased) opinion, regardless of the tie-breaking rules the Ravens are more deserving of the wildcard. If the Ravens played the Pats, the Baltimore defense would dominate that Pat offense just as the Steelers did. Cassel is not Brady; against a poor defense he can run Bill B's offense and control a game - but against truly strong defenses, Cassel is just another QB. When Brady returns next season the Pats will definately be back.  (Dec 31, 2008 | post #3)

NFL Football

Colts to face old nemesis San Diego

As a Steel fan, the Chargers win over Denver answered one of my weekend NFL prayers. My biggest concern in these playoffs is the Colts. Manning can score from anywhere and no lead is big enough against him. There is no way IMHO that Denver could have beaten Indy. However, I do believe that San Diego can win this game. The Chargers beat the Colts in the playoffs in Indy last year with both Rivers and Tomlinson hurt. Though the San Diego defense is not quite as strong as it was last season, neither is the Indy defense. The Chargers can win this in a shoot-out - though I'd never bet on it.  (Dec 31, 2008 | post #2)

NFL Football

Shanahan fired by Broncos after late-season collapse

Since their lopsidded loss to the Steelers in the '05 AFC championship game the Broncos have been very mediocre. They blew a 3 game lead with 3 to go this season and lost at home in week 16 to a Buffalo team which had played terribly second half of the season. Mike Shanahan will surface quickly as a head coach somewhere (though not in Oakland), and we'll see how he works with a GM.  (Dec 31, 2008 | post #2)

NFL Football

Packers collapse 'disappointing'

As a neutral Packer observer the thing that shocks me about the Pack this season is their defensive collapse. I remember heading into the NFC championship game last year I was rooting for Green Bay because I believed that their defense has a better chance of stopping Brady and the Pats in the Super Bowl than the G-men (given that Brady had smoked the Giants for 38 in the regular season finale). And after the Favre saga saw him going to the Jets I figured the Pack would live or die with Rogers at QB. But it's been the GB defense that's beena disappointment. They gave up 30 at Tampa, 27 at home to Atlanta, 28 at Minnesota, 51 at New Orleans and 35 to Carolina. In all five of those losses the Pack offense scored enough points to win the game. This season's collapse can be placed on the defense and their coaches.  (Dec 26, 2008 | post #14)

NFL Football

Why Joe Flacco Deserves the Rookie of the Year More Than ...

Ryan has a better QB Rating, more yards per game, a better TD to INT ratio and a higher completion %. Flacco's Ravens have a far better defense than Ryan's Falcons. The Raven's D has been responsible for a majority of their wins, whereas Ryan has actually led his team to wins. No comparison, Ryan has had a significantly better year and deserves the award. I like Flacco and I'll root for the Ravens in the remote event that they meet the Falcons in the SB, but Ryan is clearly better this season IMHO.  (Dec 26, 2008 | post #5)

NFL Football

Tennessee Titans secure No. 1 seed in AFC playoffs with c...

Although Roethlisberger ticks me off so often with his stupid fumbles and bad interceptions that I actually have to change the channel, he is cursed with no running game and a truly mediocre offensive line that rarely gives him time to throw against good defenses. If the Steelers somehow make the Super Bowl this season, Ben will deserve a hell of a lot of credit.  (Dec 23, 2008 | post #5)

NFL Football

Win at Philly would put Dallas Cowboys in playoffs

Unfortunately for the rest of us, there is a plurality of fans in this country who love Dallas. As a result, the networks cater a large portion of their coverage to the Cowboys. If you listen closely to all of the NFL shows, especially ESPN and Fox, they all make excuses for Dallas and are visably upset when the Cowboys lose. After Dallas beat a Burris-less and Jacobs-less Giants team a couple of weeks ago some "analysts " were hailing Dallas as the best team in the NFC and maybe the best team in the entire league. A couple were calling Tony Romo MVP. They were talking about how when Romo played they were nearly unbeatable - even though Romo QBed the Cowboys loses to Washington, Phoenix and Pittsburgh (and now Baltimore). Why do the networks love the Cowboys? Ratings. Ratings = MONEY. Money = job security. BTW: the exact same thing is true for network news coverage, but that's for another forum.  (Dec 23, 2008 | post #11)

NFL Football

Fisher calls Terrible Towel stomp 'unnecessary'

"Fisher defended his players, saying the Terrible Towel is just a towel to the Titans. He says his players don't understand the significance or meaning of the towel to the Steelers' organization and that it was not a shot at the organization or players." Fisher has to support his players publicly, but to say that the incidents were not shots at the Steelers players or organization is pure crap. I don't know who Fisher thinks he's kidding. Privately I'm sure he's really pissed about this.  (Dec 23, 2008 | post #2)

NFL Football

Several Possibilities In NFL's Final Week

One thing the article does point out is that the number of truly bad teams, Lions...etal have left the league with a large number of 9-7 or better teams. If the Redskins win in SF and if the Saints continue the NFC south trend of winning division home games over the Panthers, both the Skins and Saints would end up 9-7. As a result every team in both the NFC East and the NFC South would be at least 2 games over .500. And...if both the Chargers win over Denver and the Cardinals lose their last game against Seattle, then both the NFC West and AFC West will be won with 8-8 records. Very strange set of circumstances - the NFL gets the parity they want within divisions, but certainly not league wide - the 12 best teams will NOT be in the playoffs. Note: If Dallas loses to Philadelphia and Washington beats SF, the Cowboys end up in last place in the NFC East. The Redskins would have a better conference record than Dallas. (Same division record)  (Dec 23, 2008 | post #2)

NFL Football

Bucs' skid leaves them in a jam and counting on the Eagles

Tampa gave up 38 points to Carolina and 41 to the Chargers two weeks later (yeah 7 on on INT return); did Monte Kiffin already leave for Tennessee to coach for his son? Does Tennessee still want him?  (Dec 23, 2008 | post #2)

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