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Jan 13, 2013


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Kansas City, MO

Victims' Families in Court to Fight Killers Release

You know people have been married for twenty and thirty year's, and only to find out that there mate has been living a lie for years. So no one really know there mate for real. Shearo even with your big Master's degree if you and Mr. Williams would have became more you still won't have knowed him and he the same as you. And as for as his time in jail and the so called rape that is hear say. Black men, real men don't take to kind of that rape thing, they either end up dead or in the hole for there action's. And there time is extended. People seem to forget about there own family history,about rape,assult,robbery and who know's what else. The world is running out of glass house's. So watch those stone's  (Jan 17, 2013 | post #49)

Kansas City, MO

Victims' Families in Court to Fight Killers Release

NO you get real, do you know the whole story, where you there, or are you jut mad because he find out what can of person you or. Ok he killed two people he never said he did'nt. But what give's you the right to sentence him. Just so you know I've have had family members to be murder. It's sad to see people like you walking the streets, because as long as you and your little world feels this way about a person the world will never be safe  (Jan 13, 2013 | post #46)