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Aug 16, 2007

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Chase City, VA

Things got personal for School Board

I feel that the board has betrayed the trust that we as voters put in them. They have never given an adequate reason for the non-renewal of Dr. P's contract. ("it was a personnel matter that they could not legally discuss"). They have placed so much doubt in the public's view of them. They seem to be very power hungry and determined that they will be in control. Which is interesting, when they can't even control themselves...walki ng out meetings, harrassing public, backstabbing each other. I used to watch the news from raleigh nc and I think it was the board from Durham that had so much dissention, fighting, etc. I thought then that I was glad that we had a board here that looked after the best interest of the students / staff here. Now I feel really betrayed. At least the fighting in Durham was entertaining on the news...this is just sad for them, for us as voters, for the dedicated staff of the school system and most of all for the students. Every week you wonder what they are going to do next.  (Aug 26, 2007 | post #2)

Chase City, VA

Shift in schools personnel recommended

Strange...a lot of the recommendations in the entire efficiency review are the same things the the "ousted" supertendent recommended.... The board and all their decisions are definitely making MCPS a laughing stock and leaving people wondering what is going to happen next. Checking the MCPS website ALL schools in the county were accredited and made AYP. Sounds to me like the teachers were doing a great job. They are ultimately the ones who get the job of educating our kids done. But every organization needs a leader who motivates and inspires, and I think Dr. P did a fine job of this.  (Aug 25, 2007 | post #1)