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Mar 6, 2014

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Princeton, NJ

New Jersey's Outlook Eyecare Expands With New Location an...

Outlook Eyecare (www.outlookeyecar recently expanded its services with the addition of a location in Mercerville, New Jersey, and a new eye doctor, building on a network of locations offering services ranging from LASIK surgery to facial rejuvenation. Already considered one of central New Jersey's premier optometry and ophthalmology practices, Outlook Eyecare's growth illustrates its commitment to patients and reinforces its place at the forefront of the eye care industry, according to its physicians. "Our level of expertise allows us to provide patients the excellent care they should expect when they visit an eye doctor," says Dr. Wayne Grabowski, a board-certified ophthalmologist and a fellowship-trained specialist in retinal disease. "Growing our practice means reaching more patients with that great service, which is what all of us care about." Outlook Eyecare's new location in Mercerville provides the community with access to the same comprehensive services patients have come to expect from the practice's other locations in Monroe Township and Princeton, New Jersey, including LASIK, optical services, treatment of retinal diseases, cataract surgery, and cosmetic eyelid procedures. "We're excited to expand our services to Mercerville and welcome Dr. Michael R. Trottini to our team," Dr. Grabowski says. "Dr. Trottini is a highly regarded optometrist who lectures about the latest ocular research and is regularly published in leading industry journals, including a recent article in the Review of Optometry." The opening of the new location and the addition of Dr. Trottini are part of an overall mission to continually bring innovative, cutting-edge treatments to patients throughout the area, Dr. Grabowski says. Pursuit of that mission in just the past year has also included Dr. Margaret Ritterbusch, a specialist with contact lenses, introducing the practice to a revolutionary non-surgical procedure called orthokeratology. Patients are fitted with specialty gas-permeable lenses that are worn while sleeping to gently reshape the eye and correct myopia. She has also introduced other advanced vision correction products to the practice, such as specialty contact lenses and eyeglasses. "We continue to expand the number of products available at our on-site optical shop," Dr. Grabowski says. "Our team of licensed opticians works closely with the ophthalmologists and optometrists to ensure our patients get prescription lenses that are comfortable, stylish, and optimal for their specific vision needs. The optical shop is a big part of a patient's experience, and that's why we ensure that ours is top-of-the-line. "  (Jul 28, 2014 | post #1)

Chicago, IL

Prominent Chicago Plastic Surgeon Opens New Private Practice

Board-certified plastic surgeon and former Professor and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Dr. Thomas A. Mustoe has opened his own practice to give his patients even more personalized service. The new practice located at 737 N Michigan Ave. Suite 1500 in Chicago opened July 1, 2014. The new, 4,000 SF custom designed office is located only 3 blocks from Dr. Mustoe's previous office at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. It has been built not only with a surgeon's exact requirements in mind, but with a goal to offer a more comfortable surrounding that has less of a clinic feel than traditional doctor's offices. "While my association with Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine will continue, as well as my affiliation with Northwestern Memorial Hospital, I have decided to open my own practice to serve my patients," says Dr. Mustoe. Dr. Mustoe has worked with Northwestern University for 23 years and has served as Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Feinberg School of Medicine for 19 years. His decision to open his own private practice was borne of his desire to continually put his patients first. The smaller operation allows patients faster and more direct access to a plastic surgeon, as well as more responsiveness and personalized attention from the office staff. "I'm extremely proud and grateful of my 23 year association with Northwestern, having served as Chief of Plastic Surgery for 19 of those years," says Dr. Mustoe. “With the help of some fantastic people we've built an academic program that is among the most sought-after residency programs in the country." The new practice is called TLKM Plastic Surgery, LLC after the initials of his family members. It features three exam rooms, an aesthetician's treatment room with state-of-the-art laser technology, and a fully-equipped operating room for the full range of procedures performed under local anesthesia and light oral sedation. The reception/waiting room is warm and comfortable with Wi-Fi access. Consultations are enhanced with 3-D imaging, Touch MD, and other technology to optimize the educational experience for patients seeking plastic surgery in Chicago. The new location also offers more and easier parking. The new office with operating room will allow Dr. Mustoe to provide surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty, browlifts, moderate liposuction, mini facelifts and neck lifts, limited nasal surgery, fat grafting, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing and other minor procedures not requiring general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Larger procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelifts and tummy tucks will be performed at a highly regarded surgical center within walking distance, 900 North Michigan Surgical Center or Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  (Jul 8, 2014 | post #1)

Albany, NY

Albany's #pamperedMOM Contest at The Plastic Surgery Grou...

In honor of Mother’s Day, The Plastic Surgery Group is looking for a mother/daughter duo to win a day of pampering at SPA ONE (http://www.spaone The mother and daughter making up the pair that can get the most “likes” on their photo will each win a $250 gift card to use for services at SPA ONE. Aside from the grand prize, they will also select one mother/daughter pair to receive a $200 gift card to share as runners- up. The last day to enter and vote is June 4th. Enter to win at https://www.facebo urgeryGroup and let your Mom be pampered this Mother's Day.  (May 8, 2014 | post #1)

Langley, BC

New YES Surgery Centre in Langley Part of Community Growth

Langley, British Columbia (April 2014) — Plastic surgeon Dr. Mathew Mosher ( says he feels proud to be doing his part for his community and the adjacent municipal regions by adding a cosmetic plastic surgery centre to his Langley practice serving patients from Metro Vancouver and beyond. He has long met with patients in Langley at his YES Medspa and Cosmetic Surgery Centre for consultations and minor procedures, and he recently added a two room private surgical facility to his office to perform more extensive surgeries there, as well. "It's a wonderful addition both to my practice and to the community," Dr. Mosher says. "Having a fully accredited ambulatory surgical suite right in the office means patients aren't leaving the Langley area to have surgery in hospitals in Vancouver or elsewhere." The Township of Langley, with more than 100,000 residents, has redefined its economic development goals in recent years to attract businesses in emerging industries. Part of the goals set in 2012 by the Langley Economic Development Department also included helping existing companies to expand. YES MedSpa and Surgery Centre is literally at the geographic centre of the lower mainland with it's location at the intersection of Highway 1 and 200th street. Dr. Mosher added his private surgical suite to his office in late 2013, and he says he's glad to add to the community's development efforts, as well as his own patients' safety. The YES Surgery Centre is 1 of only 2 private surgery facilities currently in British Columbia that meets all the latest healthcare facility standards of the Canadian Standards Association. Dr. Mosher performs all his procedures there, including popular facial plastic surgery, breast augmentation, and liposuction. Metro Vancouver patients benefit from having surgery in a private facility dedicated to the delivery of these procedures, Dr. Mosher says, because they aren’t exposed to illnesses present at hospitals. Improved confidentiality and access to the most modern equipment and techniques are other benefits that are an essential component of his philosophy. "Our private surgery centre has the same or better infection control safety features as large hospitals but none of the exposure risks," he says. "Plus it's integrated as part of our office, so it's simply more convenient for patients to visit only one facility for everything from consultations to surgery." Dr. Mosher's office was designed with state-of-the-art safety standards in mind, he says, but also patient comfort. The facility features spa-like furnishings and modern design touches. "Patients are attracted to our office because they feel like they are being treated as special," he says. "Adding a surgery centre was a logical next step to make the experience that much more accommodating and comfortable for the patient. The fact that it's helping the community of Langley to grow and thrive is a wonderful bonus, and I feel proud to contribute to those efforts as a community member and local businessperson. "  (Apr 16, 2014 | post #1)

Atlanta, GA

Serious question about all this beard + hair transplant t...

I've been seeing a lot of fluff pieces across the media about hair transplants for more beard growth (here's an example - /news/world-us-can ada-26806991). I don't see it, but that's not my question. I like knowing how things are done, and I just can't comprehend this one! Any chance anyone knows anything more about this? I am nearly 100% certain they wouldn't be able to transfer to the face using the strip method, which is old school technology. This would be too...archaic, which I feel the face would need more subtlety. I have seen really nice hair transplants with the new system (a lot more natural looking like this - http://www.hairtra nsplantsurgeonsand air-transplant/hai r-transplant) which is a huge improvement over what plugs use to be. I'm assuming that is what they use, but I can't find any proof - just more fluff articles/videos like the one I linked to up top. I am just picturing these guys walking around for months looking like this (http://amincosmet ontent/uploads/201 3/06/Day3_FUE-Hair -Transplant_Dr-Woo ds-Donor-Area.jpg) and that doesn't seem likely. Iwas curious if anyone actually knew? Thanks!  (Apr 4, 2014 | post #1)

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