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Feb 10, 2013

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Fort Knox, KY

Pink Zebra is looking for Independant Consultans

Food for Thought: One of the MOST exciting things about you finding Pink Zebra NOW .... is that it's a ground floor opportunity!!! Could you imagine what it would've been like to be one of the VERY first Mary Kay, Scentsy or Tupperware Consultants in your area?! THEY ARE the TOP SHOW DOGS in those company's making THE BIG buckaroos! :D YOU have that same opportunity with Pink Zebra - But its all about timing....just like it was for those other people. DON'T let it slip away where a year from now you'll be looking back wishing you would've started TODAY! An opportunity as good as this, WILL NOT last long - ESP with how fast were starting to grow!  (Feb 10, 2013 | post #2)

Fort Knox, KY

Pink Zebra is looking for Independant Consultans

Pink Zebra is offering a ground floor opportunity to make some real money for those of you who want to work but have had the same problem as I, Childcare, Long hours, Not ever home~ Pink Zebra has made this happen for me.! Find out about becoming a consultant today. Or if you would like to book a party to earn free products, or maybe just order a jar to try out. You can message me on here or check out my website at www.sprinklewithst or check out my facebook at http://www.faceboo le-With-Stripes/43 9991586071997 If you've never heard of our company before, its probably because I was fortunate enough to find something so incredible and NEW to the home fragrance industry! Our #1 "sizzle" product are our SPRINKLES!! They're these tiny wax 'chips' made from Soy Beans grown and produced here in the US. You can melt them in ANY warmer/simmer pot .... sprinkle a few on top of your 'already existing' candle (I drizzled Vanilla Creme Sprinkles on top of my apple scented candle to make Apple Pie Ala Mode!) .... we also have 'candle kits' to create your own actual wicked candles .... *OR* mix-n-match to make your own unique scent - The possibilities are endless! Then we can't forget about the diffusers, soy candles, kitchen soaps and lotions too!  (Feb 10, 2013 | post #1)