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Springhill Care Group: Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

http://springhillc ves/222 We all hear this often, laughter is the best medicine. Despite the fact that this may be an old saying, it still holds as true up to present. Laughter grants a lot of health benefits. And what makes it a lot better, best of all, it is free and easy. Laughter helps to unite people going through difficult times this is according to It can be able to also mend feelings of defeat and resentment, make anger softer, and generally help people become resilient or even losing someone. The therapeutic effortlessness of a soft smile or a hearty belly laugh has more of benefits than what was mentioned. It is much like of an exercise, there are many benefits plus the physical benefits of laughter can last for hours. These helpful gains may aid to: • Brighten mental clarity • Reduce blood pressure • Spark the immune system • Relax muscles and ease digestion • Release endorphins to dampen pain • Boost oxygen levels to the brain and circulatory system As a universal lingo, laughter is capable of also building social ties and dispersing anxiety. It smooths the progress of relationship and permits attachments while dropping social fear factors. Steve Wilson, Director of National Humor Month and Founder of The World Laughter Tour, started an international happiness epidemic in laughter clubs and outreach programs led by Certified Laughter Leaders. His methodology “utilizes a systematic activity approach that is based on a foundation of both ancient practices and modern medical science,” and it supports primary treatment as an adjunctive therapeutic modality. Group laughter can also save you away from pain and depression through natural release even though anger and crying has long been conventional vehicles for catharsis and release in psychotherapy. Its consequence can be in impulsiveness of thinking and make the horrifying more reachable. This constructs a height of consciousness where one can move a bit further and witness the better picture. To summarize it all, happiness can get better perception. Laughter from a joke dropped isn’t the laughter we are mentioning. Someone can listen to recorded laughter and can eventually feel the real giggling fits within moments. Further methods to realize this status comprise watching children play, watching funny videos, reading comics, telling amusing stories, and drawing funny pictures. Research demonstrates laughter is moreover a influential immunosuppressive device. Dr. Paul McGhee says laughter seems able to improve the body’s response to emotional distress, deflect certain infections and even multiply the number and power of cancer-killer cells. As President of The Laughter Remedy, he develops research-validated programs, tools and other practical applications to inject humor into everyday life. Dr. McGhee suggests anecdotal evidence consistent with research findings shows that, although not a cure for disease, laughter and optimism likely do extend survival. But for other people, laughter has only some unenthusiastic side effects, but it can be disadvantageous when used as a psychological block or an alternate for conventional medicine. While gallows humor, sarcasm, and cynicism have their place in healing, it is best to keep things light and easy. At times, just conversing regarding humor can shine light on opportunities where prior was only dark difficulties were seen. It can also help you brighten up your perspective in like that could also a a fraud prevention in any means. TOPICS ALIKE: http://springhillc http://springhillc g-and-care-options  (Apr 4, 2013 | post #1)


Springhill Korean Savvy Group - LOVE FICTION: A Review

http://springhillr 2/11/14/love-ficti on-a-review/ I am a personal fan of romantic comedy films, I enjoy watching it not because I am a hopeless romantic but rather I enjoy the lightness of that kind of film. No heavy dramas, something that can make you laugh and will give you good vibes afterwards. But not all romantic comedy films are good. Oftentimes you will find it a bit cliché, same old boy meets girl and happy endings. Those factors are the things that can discourage you from watching one. The things that can make you go and watch the movie are the humor that comes along with it. It may be typical at some point but how the movie is presented and the phases of it are plotted can satisfy ones fussy taste. Love fiction is another romantic comedy film. The story goes like this. A writer meets an attractive woman and falls in love on first sight. Will there love last? Ku Joo-Wol (Ha Jung-Woo) is a writer and a part-time as a bartender. He’s currently working on his second novel, but stuck with a bout of writer’s block. Joo-Wol then accompanies the president of his publishing company to Berlin on a business trip as a translator. On his last day in Berlin, Joo-Wool attends a party for movie industry insiders. Joo-Wool, bored with the party, steps outside to smoke a cigarette. A woman named Hee-Jin (Kong Hyo-Jin) then walks next to him and smokes a cigarette. Joo-Wol falls in love on first sight. Back in Seoul, Hee-Jin finds a letter and a flower basket awaiting for her on her desk. Hee-Jin reads the letter from Joo-Wol and finds it funny. Meanwhile, Joo-Wol waits and waits for her phone call. Finally, Joo-Wol gets the phone call from Hee-Jin. The soon-to-be couple will meet for the second time… The thing I love about this film is definitely not the later part of the movie. What is likable in the movie are the characters and how they evolved in the movie. The later part of it was another typical story that actually had not given justice to the whole movie, despite of it the movie is still fun to watch. The humor was actually good, the story may be typical but the humor was not. But eventually the film got to safe and melodramatic. You will get hooked on the first half of the film but you will find yourself over bored on the later parts but still it wouldn’t reach the point that you will stop watching in. Over the entire movie was good but not good enough. Another thing that is good in this film is it portrays a relationship in a very realistic way. We see the couple through meeting, then honey-moon phase, and then the moments where that little red thread starts loosening, bit by bit. It may sound, again cliché but a story that definitely everyone will be able to relate. But in all fairness to this film, if you wanted to laugh, this film will definitely make you. Who wouldn’t laugh at a gorgeous girl with hair on her armpit, right? MORE TOPICS: http://springhillr http://springhillc http://news.spring  (Mar 25, 2013 | post #1)

Springhill Group Reviews: Senior Care Technology Round-Up...

http://atspringhil 1097.html Tech companies put into view their newest improvements in senior care. To help seniors age in place they provided gadgets to aid their needs from personal robots and virtual exercising, to remote-monitoring technology that tracks vitality and detects injuries yet companies are still developing new tools. Mobile App Provides Enterprise-Wide Analysis, Enables Competitor Comparisons Web-based staff scheduling and shift management software for the healthcare industry, OnShift announced its new app OnShift Mobile. The main focus of the app is for on-the-go executives in the senior care industry, it delivers top-down analysis into staffing and labor management. The intend of making prompt and well-versed decisions in improving operations, labor costs and resident care, OnShift Mobile expands the functionality of OnShift staff scheduling software with key workforce analytics so executives expand actionable insight across properties. There are different features included such as: tracking staffing levels; overtime and occupancy status against budgets; insight at the enterprise, region, division and facility/community -basis; the ability to compare their organization against other regions, divisions and properties with new peer analysis capabilities. Social Media Tool Recruits Client Leads, Provides Caregiver and Patient Updates “Social media and aging senior care don’t seem to go hand-in-hand. But for Home Care Assistance, an in-home senior care company, social media has been an invaluable tool for growth, propelling the business to hit $63 million in revenue in 2012 and grow 25% year-over-year for nearly a decade,” reports Fox Business. “The company uses social media as a recruiting tool for new client leads, provide updates on its caregivers and patients as well as to offer health tips for the elderly.” “There are a lot of misnomers and myths propagated by our industry about social media,” she says. “The primary health-care decision maker is a son or daughter in their 50s or 60s, even though our clients are in the eighties and nineties. The AARP says Facebook is one of the top three sites seniors peruse and 41% health-care decisions are made in part from social media and reviews.” Virtual Reality Meets Physical Exercise, Enhances Cognitive Abilities of Seniors Another good deal about this is seniors with dementia will be able to obtain the benefits from physical and cognitive exercise all without leaving the comforts of home, thanks to one nonprofit provider’s new fitness program. CTIW or the Porch Center for Technology Innovation and Wellbeing conducted demonstrations of its “exergaming” device to the streets to test it. To take the repetitiveness out of exercising by helping seniors with dementia improve their cognitive purposes, the CyberCycles fitness program adds in the physical activity of biking with mentally stimulating virtual reality. Exergaming gives a handy means for seniors to stay dynamic while at the same time aging in place by means of the specially-designed bikes equipped with virtual-reality screens to simulate outdoor biking and racing. Remote-Monitoring Cardiac Device, a “Game-Changing” Impact on 30-day Readmissions CardioNet, Inc. and the AirStrip joined forces to make available an integrated solution for mobile patient keeping an eye with a gadget that tracks cardiac data. AirStrip will transport patient data from CardioNet’s Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry straight to clinicians’ mobile devices, including tables and phones. More Topics on: http://news.spring http://springhillc  (Mar 19, 2013 | post #1)

Foursquare: Springhill Group Florida - Home Care - Southf...

Springhill Group look to cater to the special requirements of each person citizen and any changing circumstances that occur throughout their time living in our care. This gives families the comfort that their loved one has the support and care. We fully understand a need to a place that residents will be proud to call their home is what they require most. All are built in attractive locations, nestled amongst existing communities, so our residents can easily retain their ties with their families. Springhill Care offers retirees the finest in clinical care, while receiving the positive aspects of living in our cozy and comfortable community. Email us now at [email protected]  (Aug 16, 2012 | post #1)