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May 5, 2014

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Boulder, CO

Things to do in town with quadriplegic father

My family is coming to visit in early June for a bit over a week and I'm trying to plan things to do with them. I also need to keep in mind that my dad will need to be able get into the building or area. I've thought of museums in Denver, taking them to awesome restaurants in town (but I'll take more suggestions), go down Pearl Street one or two days since there are often interesting performers out and about especially on the weekends, and I think we could do the Stanley Hotel tour since they do have an elevator—my dad is a huge Stephen King fan. Some interest they have are going to museums—science and history ones mostly, outdoorsy things if my dad can roll around in his wheelchair a fair amount—I'm also hoping that there will be some fun festivals downtown in either Boulder or Denver that I could take them too. I haven't heard of any so far, but if anyone knows any that could be interesting post away. I'd love to get suggestions. I've been asking friends and co-workers for some help, but I know that there are some awesome things out there that people who have lived in the area longer know about. Throw anything my way. Thanks!  (May 5, 2014 | post #1)