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Nov 23, 2013

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Wife flirting

Pretty awesome. I don't know if I could let it be known that we are together or even let it go that far because then it ll turn into a cuckold scenario. I m not into that.  (Nov 24, 2013 | post #3)

Top Stories

Wife flirting

Wife Flirting I have been trying for about a year to get my wife to go to a random bar with me act like we don't know each other and allow any guy to hit on her. We actually tried it for her birthday but it didn't workout like I intended it to be. We "role played" at a bar like we didn't know each other but really old guys hit on her instead. I tried to keep it in a nice setting but the crowd seemed inappropriate for what I was trying to do. Now that we are taking trips to visit family in big cities I want to try it again. I would like to be more open about it and tell her exactly what I desire but I am unsure of her reaction. She is usually pretty kinky and open to anything. This time around I think I just want to get her really drunk and tell her at the club of my plan. Last time she actually allowed other men to approach her but they were not attractive. I am not into cuckolding or anything like that I just want her booty dancing with someone else that she actually finds attractive. For some reason it is a turn on to me. Then i want to take her home and finish the deed.  (Nov 23, 2013 | post #1)